Knowing how to think & knowing what to do

Providing a different learning experience is at the heart of everything we do – it is about learning more and learning better, inside and outside of the classroom. Everyone at the University strives every day to improve academically and scientifically. We want to do things well and then, to do them even better. And in all this there are two aims: for our students to know how to think and to know what to do.

Old-fashioned teaching is out

Profesores que saben que su trabajo no consiste en enseñar, sino en conseguir que cada estudiante aprenda, madure y avance en su formación. Y si para ello hay que cambiar la forma de dar clase, la cambiamos; y si para ello hay que salir del aula, salimos a aprender fuera. Porque dar las clases como se daban ayer no debe ser bueno para preparar a los profesionales de mañana.

Do you speak English?

If you don’t speak English, you need to start learning. The professionals of the future need language skills. That's why all our students receive complementary (and free) English classes and French, German or even Chinese classes are also available. In addition, we can offer you the chance to study for a period at a European university, or to undertake international placements and internships to improve your international employability. Of course, it is important to remember that in order to finish your Bachelor’s Degree at CEU you will have to demonstrate a certain amount of ability in English.

Let’s get practical

The best way to learn is to learn by doing. Therefore, in addition to the theoretical training, our entire range of studies includes both compulsory and voluntary practical training to enable students to do just that. There are TV studios, a veterinary hospital, computer rooms, recording studios, a dental clinic, a pharmaceutical practical room, and simulation rooms. Whatever your vocation, you will get hands-on training from the first day without leaving the university. In addition, we have agreements with a large number of companies at which you can undertake placements to prepare you to join the professional world.

The world in just one campus

When you bring together people from more than 70 countries on the same campus, everything takes on a whole new meaning. Conversations in the corridor can turn into fascinating tales of distant corners of the world, exchanges of cultural traditions and different ways of seeing the world, international relationships and networking – all of which can come in handy in the future. As your horizons can keep on expanding, you may not even notice that you have become someone different and more cosmopolitan. CEU is the university where you will share a campus with young people from more than 70 countries.