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CEU Cardenal Herrera University


Asociación Católica de Propagandistas



Dr. Rosa Visedo Claverol


Main Campus

Valencia (Moncada - Alfara del Patriarca)


Other Campuses

Castellón and Elche



Founded as a University College


Became a private university

Educational provision

Educational Provisions

5 Faculties



52 Educational Program

Degree Programs


Bachelor's Degree Programs

Doctoral programs


Doctoral Programs

International Bachelor’s Degree Programs


International Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master’s Degree Programs


Máster's Degree Programs

Students. 2015/2016

Students. 15/16

9.988 students



6.539 students



1.846 students



3.198 students



1.802 international students



520 international students


Origin of International Students

  • France

    international students


  • Taiwan and
    Hong Kong

    international students


  • Italy

    international students


  • United

    international students


  • Scandinavia

    international students


  • Germany

    international students


  • Morocco

    international students


  • Latin

    international students


  • Other

    international students


Other data of interest

Estudiantes Graduados


Graduates in 2015/2016

Academic and Support Staff


and support staff




enrolment applications


Enrolment applications

Research Funds

3 million

2.997.072 euros in Research Funds

Evolución oferta académica

2009-10>500 2015-16>3886

Increase in
places offered

Practical training agreements


Practical training agreements with external companies and institutions nationally and internationally


Ranked 4th

4th iune
4th scimago
5th arwu-expanded

Strategic Plan

Our goal is to consolidate our position as a university which is global, innovative in spirit and entrepreneurial in its actions, and which transmits these attitudes to the university community, so that it can, in turn, pass these on to society. We want to be a university which is committed to developing its valued staff in every way – in the intellectual, professional and human dimensions – and to seeing them continue to improve.

We want to be a university which has an impact on society, both directly through its actions and through its graduates, contributing to its improvement. We want to stand out on the international stage of higher education.


The total number of staff at CEU UCH amounts to 1262 people, comprising both academic and support staff.

Of the 992 staff with teaching duties at CEU UCH, 410 also have research duties.

Meeting student demand



Communication channels with students

Campus Life is the program that CEU UCH has set up to support students’ well-being and integration, as well as encouraging their personal and professional development.

The main communication channels for students with CEU UCH, with regard to university life and completing their educational experience, are:

  • International, entrepreneurial and personal tutors
  • Group co-ordinators
  • Faculty management team and lecturers

The University Guidance and Disability Service (SOUAD) can provide advice and guidance regarding personal, academic and professional matters.

The CEU UCH University Ombudsman is responsible for protecting the rights and freedoms of academic and support staff and students in procedures operated by the different University bodies and services.

Grants and scholarships

The CEU San Pablo University Foundation is the private educational institution which devotes the most resources to grants and scholarships in Spain. As a not-for-profit foundation, CEU has devoted a large part of its resources to assisting talented students who wish to undertake their education at one of the Foundation’s universities or schools.

The CEU Cardenal Herrera University is an advocate of the culture of hard work and perseverance. We believe in the value of giving opportunities to those who have set themselves a goal and are willing to strive to attain it. Every year, our students benefit from around two and a half million euros in grants. You can explore which grant might be the right one for you by clicking on these links:



Universities are the engines of progress in science and research and, therefore, the drivers of the major social and economic changes which have occurred during recent decades. The generation of wealth and increasing social welfare is inextricably linked to our ability to generate knowledge via the production of high-quality research – this can then be converted into technology and techniques, which can in turn be efficiently transferred to the economic system. For this reason, the CEU Cardenal Herrera University supports the work of established researchers and seeks to train early-career researchers via the Research Activity Support Plan.

Academic Publications:

Student Perfomance

All the information regarding graduation and drop-out rates for each study program can be found on the corresponding part of the website, in the Quality and Regulations > Monitoring section.

Here, we show these same rates for each Faculty or School:

Satisfaction Indicators

All the information regarding the level of satisfaction of students, academic staff, support staff, and service users can be found on parts of the website devoted to each study program, within the Quality and Regulations > Survey Results section.

Here, we show the information regarding student satisfaction with their lecturers and their study program, by Faculty or School:


The CEU Cardenal Herrera University formed part of the research group which published the thoughts of government agencies, universities and employers on how to strengthen and improve the employability of university graduates in the Valencia region: El Libro Verde de la Empleabilidad de los titulados universitarios de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Graduate satisfaction with the suitability of their skill profile on graduation is over 89%, as can be seen in the report published by the CEU UCH Careers Service.