There’s more to university than just lectures


4320 hours

4320 is the approximate number of hours that you will spend in the different lecture halls and training areas during your degree. It might well be more if you opt to do one of the many Dual Degrees we offer or if you take part in some of the extracurricular activities available to you.

It may seem like a long time,
but if you do things the right way, it’ll pass by in a flash.

Come and spend this time on a modern campus, bristling with activity.
CEU is a not-for-profit foundation - which means that we reinvest all the money we make in improving the facilities of our campus and in giving our students have the best experience possible. The University has invested more than 80 million euros in the Valencia region over the last few years.

Share a campus with other young people from more than 70 countries who have come here both to study for a degree and to live life to the full at university.

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24 hours at University

24 hours at University

Castellón, amongst nature

Located on the Costa del Azahar, Castellón and its province provide the ideal setting to study and live life to the full.

Would you like to study for a degree while having natural ecosystems, medieval cities, seaside coves and beaches, and vibrant musical festivals all within easy reach. We’re sure you’ll be really surprised by the variety of landscapes and the history of the province - and you’ll begin your journey through on your very first day on campus.

If you study at the University in Castellón, you’ll soon discover that our campus is an excellent starting point to discover one of the most distinctive regions in the whole of Spain.

10 reasons to discover Castellón
Castellón University

University facilities in Castellón


The main facilities of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Castellón are housed in a modern building with a spectacular black glass façade. It is located on the southern approach to Castellón and is conveniently situated for those travelling by motorway to or from the province’s main towns or Valencia.

On this CEU campus, students can study the following Bachelor’s Degrees:

  • Pre-School Education
  • Primary Education
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Gastronomy, with students being able to study the first year in either Spanish or English.
  • A range of postgraduate degrees are also available for education and gastronomy.
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· BUS Line L4, get off at the Quadra Morteras stop (opposite CEU)

· CAR Route from your location

The building has a range of rooms of different sizes to suit a variety of educational activities and has its own library and study areas. There are also three computer rooms and group work rooms. Around the building, but within the University’s fenced perimeter, there are areas for students to take in the sun, relax and chat to fellow students.

Campus Castellón

The building possesses:

  • A laboratory for innovation in education
  • A health sciences teaching and research laboratory
  • Two practical training laboratories
  • A microscope room
  • An ossuary
  • Two demonstration rooms for practical training in Nursing and Medicine
  • Two dissection rooms for anatomy classes
  • A room with the latest clinical diagnostic technology, to help Medicine students prepare for the ECOE exam.
  • The impressive Advanced Simulation Centre, opened in 2017. This space mimics a university hospital, using the latest medical simulation technology. There are four multi-purpose rooms for feedback after simulation sessions, two primary care consulting rooms, and three hi-tech simulation areas, equipped with the latest CAE Learning Space technology and high fidelity mannequins. There is also a “backstage” area for the instructors of each medical simulation exercise and even actors, who play the role of patients. This simulation centre for practical training in health sciences models itself on the latest practices at US universities..

This campus is based around the main building, which has its own canteen and the student support services that people have come to expect of CEU, such as the University Guidance Service, which tailors its support to suit student needs, the Careers Service (for both placements and graduate jobs), and the various secretary’s offices for administrative issues. Of course, the building also has its own chapel.

The GASMA Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus is a unique venue in which all of the practical training takes place for our innovative Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy. The complex is located on the southward approach to Castellón, a kilometre away from the main CEU building. Its heart is Villa Dolores, a nineteenth century farmhouse which has been restored to provide the best possible setting for training in Mediterranean cuisine.

GASMA Campus of Gastronomy and Management
GASMA Campus of Gastronomy and Management
964 37 24 02


· BUS Line L4, get off at the Quadra Morteras stop (opposite CEU).

· CAR Route from your location

See Gasma/Villa Dolores Gallery on flickr


The GASMA campus really has to be seen to be believed. Our students can enjoy an excellent range of facilities:

  • Practical training rooms
  • Various types of kitchen equipped with the latest technology
  • A spectacular wine cellar, which provides a unique backdrop for the teaching of some courses
  • A kitchen garden for teaching
  • A specific area for learning about cakes and desserts
  • An integrated restaurant
  • Extensive gardens with a swimming pool

The GASMA campus can boast striking, cutting-edge facilities, equipped with all the professional tools and utensils a top restaurant needs. But it’s not just that: the building is located within a natural setting of outstanding beauty, inspiring students to be creative and use their flair in the kitchens and the campus restaurant – where students take the lead in the kitchen and in serving the diners, with the support of top professionals.

The desire to recreate professional environments to facilitate learning has always been of the characteristic features of education at CEU. Being able to put theoretical learning into practice while still at the University really helps our students prepare themselves for real life in employment. But achieving this requires two things in particular:

  • A focus on innovation in teaching: the desire to develop new forms of learning and of demonstrating achievement in learning
  • An ability to invest in in-house facilities: the infrastructure necessary to facilitate a truly practical education at university is costly, both to build and to maintain. Due to our status as an educational foundation, all the fees paid by our students are invested in our educational activities, enabling us to improve our Advanced Learning Facilities, year after year.

Learn more about our advanced learning facilities here.

Campus Tour

Campus Tour

Your time at university in Castellón won’t just be about going to lectures. University life is full of opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally. There are countless possibilities open to you to make the most of your student days – make sure you take full advantage!

Campus Life
Turning words into reality

Turning words into reality

Medipinas is our solidarity programme in Medipinas, which our Medicine students can volunteer for. It’s more than just words: we provide treatment to those living in poverty, including women with breast diseases. The important thing is not what you say, but what you do - and at CEU UCH you’ll be able turn your plans for the future into reality.

An international taste

Studying at an international university will enable you to connect with the challenges facing today’s globalized world. A coffee break, group activity, football match and an afternoon in the Library can all become opportunities to grow your knowledge and understanding of what’s going on in the world.

An international taste
The first day of your new life

The first day of your new life

Students from the Mentoring Programme can show you all the ins and outs of being at university in Castellón, such as what day-to-day life on your degree is like or how to move about in your new city. This is a great opportunity to hit the ground running and make friends from the very first day.

Sport + studies = the perfect combination

Meeting students from other countries and degrees, releasing endorphins into your bloodstream and improving your ability to concentrate are just some of the many benefits to be gained by doing sport at the University. Take part in internal and external university competitions and try and set new personal bests.

Sport + studies = the perfect combination