Going to the University is more than just attending classes


4.320 h.

4.320 That is the approximate number of hours that you will spend in our classrooms and spaces throughout your university student years. Even some more, if you choose one of the many Double Degrees that we offer or some of the different extra activities that you can experience here.

It may seem like many hours,
but if you know how to live them, they will end up looking like few.

We propose you to live them in a modern campus full of activity.
The CEU is a non-profit foundation and that is why we invest all the money we earn in improving the facilities of our campuses and in helping the people who live in them. In the Valencian Community we have invested more than 80 million euros in recent years.

We propose you to share this campus with young people who come from more than 70 countries and who choose to come here to study their degrees and to live the university experience.

Do you want to see how students live in our campuses? Bienvenido/Welcome.

24 hours at University

24 hours at University

University facilities in Castellón


The CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Castellón has its main facilities in a modern building with a spectacular facade integrated in black glass. The building is located at the southern entrance of Castellón and easily connected by highway with the main towns of the province, as well as with Valencia.

In this Campus CEU the following studies are taught:

  • Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Degree in Primary Education
  • Degree in Nursing
  • Degree in Medicine
  • Degree in Gastronomy, whose first course can be studied in Spanish or English.
  • Various postgraduate degrees in the areas of education and gastronomy.
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The building has classrooms of different sizes, for use depending on the type of training activity, and with its own library and study areas. It is also equipped with 3 computer rooms and meeting rooms for teamwork. Around the building, and in a closed and fenced perimeter, there are areas to walk in the sun and to enjoy moments of conversation with classmates.

Campus Castellón

The building has:

  • 1 educational innovation laboratory
  • 1 teaching research laboratory in Health Sciences
  • 2 practice laboratories
  • 1 microscopy room
  • 1 ossuary
  • 2 demo rooms to practice Nursing and Medicine
  • 2 dissection rooms for anatomy classes
  • It also incorporates a room with state-of-the-art equipment to work the clinical diagnosis and to prepare medical students in the ECOE tests.
  • The Advanced Simulation Center, inaugurated in 2017, stands out because of its equipment. This space configures a practice hospital based on the latest medical simulation technologies available. It consists of four multipurpose rooms in which to perform the debriefing of the simulation sessions, two ambulatory medical consultations and three high simulation areas, equipped with the latest CAE Learning Space technology and high-fidelity mannequins. In addition, there is a backstage for the instructors of each medical simulation exercise and for the actors who can participate as simulated patients. It is a Simulation Center for health science practices created taking as reference those of North American universities.

This campus has in its main building a cafeteria restaurant and student support services typical of the CEU style, such as the University Counseling Service to provide personalized support, the Professional Career Service (for internships and employment), and the respective administrative secretariats. Of course the building has its own chapel as well.

The GASMA Campus of Gastronomy and Management is a unique space in which all the practical classes of the innovative Degree in Gastronomy are developed. This complex is located at the southern entrance of Castellón, 1 kilometer from the main building of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. It is located in Villa Dolores, a farm with a century and a half of history, which has been recently restored to become the best space for gastronomic training in the Mediterranean.

GASMA Campus of Gastronomy and Management
GASMA Campus of Gastronomy and Management
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· BUS Line L4, Quadra Morteras stop (Fte. C. Univ.)

· CAR Check the route from your location

See Gasma/Villa Dolores Gallery on flickr


Campus GASMA is a unique place that can only be believed to exist after you have been there. A place where students can enjoy:

  • Experiential classrooms for training
  • Various types of kitchens specially prepared for advanced training
  • A spectacular underground cellar that creates a unique space for some subjects
  • A didactic garden
  • A special area for learning pastry and sweets
  • An integrated own restaurant
  • A large garden area that includes a pool.

The GASMA campus has state-of-the-art design facilities, equipped with all types of tools and professional machines of the highest level. In addition, the building is surrounded by an environment of unparalleled nature, so that students can unleash their creativity and then move it to the kitchen, or to the teaching restaurant that has the campus, where the students themselves lead both the kitchen and the service accompanied by professionals.

Reproducing professional environments as spaces to learn more and better has always characterized the CEU. Being able to practice what is learned in the classroom within the University, prepare us better to face the first professional experiences. But it is true, that this apporach requires two key factors:

  • Put the focus on pedagogical innovation: develop other ways of learning and demonstrate what you have learned.
  • Investment capacity in own facilities: the infrastructures for real practical learning within the University are costly, both to build and maintain. Our foundational nature, which implies that we invest in our educational activity all the money our students pay, allows us to continue improving our Advanced Learning Spaces each year.

Learn about our advanced learning spaces



Your time at university in Castellón won’t just be about going to lectures. University life is full of opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally. There are countless possibilities open to you to make the most of your student days – make sure you take full advantage!
Campus Life
Turning words into reality

Turning words into reality

Medipinas is our solidarity programme in Medipinas, which our Medicine students can volunteer for. It’s more than just words: we provide treatment to those living in poverty, including women with breast diseases. The important thing is not what you say, but what you do – and at CEU UCH you’ll be able turn your plans for the future into reality.

An international taste

Studying at an international university will enable you to connect with the challenges facing today’s globalized world. A coffee break, group activity, football match and an afternoon in the Library can all become opportunities to grow your knowledge and understanding of what’s going on in the world.

An international taste
The first day of your new life

The first day of your new life

Students from the Mentoring Programme can show you all the ins and outs of being at university in Castellón, such as what day-to-day life on your degree is like or how to move about in your new city. This is a great opportunity to hit the ground running and make friends from the very first day.

Sport + studies = the perfect combination

Meeting students from other countries and degrees, releasing endorphins into your bloodstream and improving your ability to concentrate are just some of the many benefits to be gained by doing sport at the University. Take part in internal and external university competitions and try and set new personal bests.

Sport + studies = the perfect combination