Our mission at the Careers Service is to enhance the employability of the University’s students and graduates, by building on the individual talents they already possess. To do this, we have a range of resources available, tailor-made to your needs in order to fulfil our commitment to you.

  • We organize employability programmes (Ruta de Prácticas, Working Meanwhile, Cantera de Talento/Bolsa de Empleo) for every stage of the development of your career.
  • We employ job search tools as part of the Accede Programme, and we can give you the key insights you need to get the most out of them, to make sure your profile is as strong and competitive as it can be.
  • We work with employers to organize recruitment and networking events, thereby offering you real opportunities for career development.
  • We offer a careers advice service, tailored to your needs and interests.
  • We undertake research on employability indicators, the skills most in-demand by employers, and the level of preparedness of our students for business needs, through our Employment Observatory.

If you are a CEU Cardenal Herrera University student or graduate, let us show you all the resources available to you to plan and manage your career.

We can also offer a range of services to organizations and institutions: discover our customised solutions to optimize your talent recruitment and retention processes.

Build your future today.

At the Careers Service, we can help you to discover how you can do this, providing you with solutions, advice and training to achieve your goals.

Set your target 1

Set your target

Plan your roadmap 2

Plan your roadmap

Connect with employers 3

Connect with employers

Stand out and make your mark with Accede 4

Stand out and make your mark with Accede

Grow personally and professionally 5

Grow personally and professionally

Our Team

The Head of the Careers Service is:

Sonia Cabañas Abelló
Edificio Luis Campos Górriz.
C/ Luis Vives, 1
46115 Alfara del Patriarca
Tfno: 96 136 90 00 Ext: 62021

You can also contact the following people on the different campuses:

Valencia Campus

Edificio Luis Campos Górriz
C/ Luis Vives, nº 1
46115 Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia)
Tel. 96 136 90 15

Employment Unit

Isabel Lluesma Chamarro

Elche Campus

Plaza Reyes Católicos, 19
03204 Elche (Alicante)
Tel 96 542 64 86

Castellon Campus

C/ Grecia, 31
Ciudad del Transporte II
12006 Castellón
Tel. 964 37 24 02

Internships and Employment

María Ripollés Romero

A roadmap based on your personality

A roadmap based on your personality

Do you think that the future belongs to those who love what they do? So do we.

We believe in our students and in our community. We know that each of you is a passionate individual, a genius in the making or one still hidden from view. As we are convinced that all of us are what we do, we offer you our advice and innovative resources, so that you can define your career goals. We will study your range of skills and goals and then help you to get to where you want to go.

We can do this by sharpening your profile, making your CV truly reflect who you are, while also tailoring it to the job offers you would like to apply for. We can help you to prepare for interviews, to define your career goals, to take your career in another direction and to help you find the path that is best for you.

And remember that the advice we can provide at the Careers Service is not only for students but is also available to any of our graduates who want to keep on developing professionally, or to take their career in a new direction, or to start their own business.

Doing project work

Receive your first projects and work in your specialism today.

Being self-employed, doing project work and offering your services to companies is a way of working in your area of knowledge, establishing professional contacts and demonstrating your skills to the business world. It is not the simplest or most stable way, as you have to go out and find these projects, manage your own relationships with clients and gain some knowledge of the law and how to run a business. Yet it is certainly a very interesting way of dealing with the challenges of the current job market and of meeting the needs of companies who require flexibility and the ability to call on qualified people with specific abilities on a short-term basis. For this purpose, we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to demonstrate your talent for entrepreneurship, by providing you with the right skills and advice. Come to the Careers Service and CEU EMPRENDE and we will give you all the information you need to start this new stage of your career.

Networking with companies

Get networking today!

Taking good care of your contacts is absolutely essential in order to find the right internships at companies, to nail down a job and to discover new professional opportunities. Networking is something we can all do. At the Careers Service we can give you useful advice about how to go about it and we can also create opportunities to talk to professionals in your industry. We place great emphasis on this because we know that it is the key to your future.

Create your Ruta de Prácticas: create your own future.

Knowing how to turn knowledge into professional skills is the key to your future. To do this, you need to establish contact with your profession as early as you possibly can. The Careers Service offers you the chance to combine your studies with internships from your very first year at University. As well as giving your CV a competitive edge, internships will help you:

  • To improve your self-confidence
  • To develop new professional skills
  • To network and establish new and valuable professional contacts for your future
  • To set your career goals
  • To learn to take the right decisions to ensure your progress towards a job you will really enjoy.

The Careers Service has a Ruta De Prácticas (or “Internship Roadmap”) just for you – a programme designed to ensure you can undertake internships at companies and start to define your future career. And to help you manage your Ruta de Prácticas, we have over 5000 agreements in place with different organizations and we can place all our resources at your disposal, in order to ensure that this journey meets your real needs.

All you have to do is take advantage of this opportunity. Undertake an internship while you improve your CV, build your professional profile, establish contacts and better define your career goals. Remember that the more practical experience you gain, the more complete your CV and training will be, and, therefore, the closer you will be to becoming the professional you want to be.

Buscamos talent hoy con...

The Buscamos talento: hoy con... programme (the “Searching for Talent: Today with...” programme) enables companies to directly undertake selection processes at the University. The event takes the form of a business breakfast, at which each company presents its offering to a small group of pre-selected students, so that the company can take on students whose profiles really meet their needs.

With these events, you can take part in the recruitment processes of large companies and meet first-rate professionals in your industry.

Some of the companies who have searched for talent at the CEU-UCH are:


Valencia's Central Market

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Bolsa de empleo. Talent wanted!

Every year, another talented and highly skilled group of students graduate from our University, making us a great target for companies looking for new talent with very specific profiles. Our Bolsa de Empleo (or “Job Bank”) gives us strong relationships with a wide range of businesses: we act as partners in their drive to recruit new talent while we simultaneously boost the chances our graduates have of getting their foot on the first rung of the career ladder.

This service is open to both companies and our graduates: once you finish your studies, you only have to register with our Bolsa de Empleo in order to form part of this Cantera de Talento (or “Pool of Talent”). After registering, you will receive job offers which fit your profile, information on events, grants and activities related to your degree, and a fortnightly bulletin which will contain job offers from across Spain and abroad, along with a variety of content concerning employability, which we are sure will help you to gain a foothold in the job market.

Working Meanwhile programme

The Working Meanwhile programme, part of the Employability Enhancement Strategy of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University Careers Service, aims to offer you the chance of combining your studies with employment at the weekend or during the holidays, etc. Working Meanwhile will enable you to develop the skills and abilities which you will need to adapt to the social requirements of the workplace. This will make it easier for you to fit into the business environment while also enabling you to take home a salary for the first time.

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CEU ACCEDE. Access employment, entrepreneurship, and your future

CEU ACCEDE can help you access employment, entrepreneurship, and your future. Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your CV, by adding transferable skills which will give you a competitive edge as a professional. With this goal in mind, and alongside your academic training, CEU ACCEDE can provide you with an extensive programme of activities to prepare you for the world of work. And we can tailor all this to your needs: while some of the training sessions will require your physical presence, most of the content will be available to you on Blackboard. So, you can access it whenever and wherever you want.

Accede Executive

If you are one of our graduates, we also have content to meet your needs: some of this has a focus on specialization, which is particularly suitable for recent graduates; there is also other content concerning career reorientation, if you feel that it is time to take a different professional path.

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Yesterday’s job market is not the same as today’s – and tomorrow’s will be different again.

The Careers Service has an Employment Observatory whose aim is to guide and improve the quality of our service. The Observatory closely monitors the current situation and particular characteristics of the diverse job markets which our students and graduates participate in.

As we are committed to enhancing the employability of CEU Cardenal Herrera University graduates, our Observatory undertakes research and assesses reports concerning skills, internships, companies and employability. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to improve our performance by taking the on-the-ground reality into account.

  • Assessment of internship programmes by our students.
  • Service quality indicator.
  • Perception of product value.
  • Assessment of the skills the students are being trained in.
  • Effect of participation in internship programmes on employability.
  • Employability and skills of graduates and postgraduates