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Admission Process Steps

We inform you that the admission process for international students is closed in the following degrees and we therefore do not accept any new applications for the academic year 2019/20:

  • Médecine Vétérinaire (bilingual degree French/Spanish)
  • Veterinaria (degree in Spanish)
  • Medicine (bilingual degree English/Spanish)
  • Medicina (degree in Spanish)
  • Odontología (degree in Spanish)

Before starting the admission process, check the documentation required depending on your previous studies. Please read carefully through the following steps of the admission process.

Please note that special conditions apply for candidates for Medicine/Medicina. Proceed to our FAQ section for further information on the BMAT exam.

If you have any problems during the admission process, please contact the International Relations Office at:

1. Admission form

To start the admission process, you need to complete an on-line form, indicating your personal information and studying preferences.

The form will also give you the opportunity to provide us with any useful academic documentation that will allow us to verify that you meet the academic requirements.

You should upload all of the documents on the admission process application. Be careful when uploading the documents, make sure they correspond to the ones requested.

Documents for applying for Admission – First Year student

  • Scanned copy of ID card or passport
  • Scanned copies of all High School transcript of records
  • Scanned High School final diploma
  • Photo (ID format)

Documents for applying for Admission – Transfer student

  • Scanned copy of ID card or passport
  • Scanned copies of passed university courses
  • Scanned Transcript of Records
  • Photo (ID format)

Once the admission form has been filled in, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions you need to follow.

2. Future Student Intranet

You can access your intranet by clicking here.

In this intranet you will find the information concerning your application status. You can also modify your personal details, change your interview appointment and download your place reservation form once admitted.

In case you have not received an e-mail with your access details after filling in the admission form, please follow the instructions you were given.

3. Personal Interview

On your personal application form you will be able to choose a date and time for an Admissions Interview with the International Relations Office, which will take place on-line via Skype or face-to-face.

This interview along with your qualifications and the result of your language level test, will determine if you meet the requirements needed to study at CEU-UCH. Your application will be thoroughly evaluated by our International Admissions Commission and 48 hours after your interview and/or language level test you will be notified about your application status by e-mail.

Please note that some applicants will not need to take this personal interview (such as transfer students for Fisioterapia, Dentistry, Odontología or Medicine and Medicina).

4. Language level test

In case you are applying for a degree which is taught in a language different from your country official language, you will be required to either:

  • Provide us with an official language certificate, or
  • Take the language level test that you will find in your intranet at the moment you need to take it.

5. Application Status

This notification will inform you of either of the following possibilities:

  • You have been selected and there is a place available for you. In this case you will receive an admission letter including the instructions for the place reservation.
  • You are now on the waiting list for a place. As soon as there is a place available, you will be informed by e-mail.
  • You have not been selected.

Successful candidates will be asked to settle the amount corresponding to the place reservation.

6. Place reservation and registration

Once you have been admitted, you will be able to access the future student intranet and print the reservation form.

Be careful! If you don't settle the payment before the due date, your application will be dismissed.

Do you need further information?

Join our Facebook group for prospective students 2019/20 and get up-to-date information on our Admission Process.

CEU UCH Administrative and Financial Regulations

Academic Fee
Student Fees for 1st Year Undergraduates - 2019/20

Hospitality Service

The services included in the Hospitality Package are offered to international students for the payment of the International Fee and are intended to help them get settled upon their arrival. Once the reservation of place has been paid, students will have access to these services through the Hospitality App, so that they can make use of them at any moment they wish to. The Hospitality Package includes:


  • Accommodation services. From International Student Services we can help you find your future accommodation, by putting you in contact with our partners. Our official partners won’t charge you any agency fee and, in some cases, they will arrange a visit to the apartment. You will find a wide range of accomodation options: rooms in dorms, apartments to share or even small studios, both in Valencia and around our campus.
  • Mobile phone. You will be provided with a Spanish sim card upon arrival, which will allow you to call and to surf the internet for your first two months here. With this sim card, you can use up till 2 GB internet and 30 minutes of national calls per month. Furthermore, free calls can be made to all users from the same provider. You can apply for the sim card through the Hospitality Application, thereby indicating the date on which you want it to be activated. It should be noted that, to be able to use this SIM card, it is necessary that your phone is SIM lock free.
  • Opening a bank account in Spain. You are offered the possibility to open a free bank account at Santander bank, which is the biggest bank in Spain and has an office located on our campus. Having a Spanish bank account enables you to take care of your payments in Spain (such as the payment of the tuition fee and the rent) and provides you with a Spanish debit card. You can apply for the bank account via the Hospitality Application and go directly to the office to sign the contract on the selected date.
  • Managing the academic documentation. To be enrolled in a Spanish university, international students must obtain a document that proves they have successfully completed their secondary education. We are aware that administrative procedures in a country other than yours can be complicated, so we will indicate what documentation you need to provide, we will make the request and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Managing the residence documents. We will help you to organize the documentation you will need to legalize your stay in Spain. The NIE (also known as 'Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) and TIE, identification documents for foreigners that reside in Spain. Without this documentation, you will not be able to arrange all of your activities during your stay in Spain: it is needed to close a contract for your WIFI, to pay for your water- and electricity bills, and is also often required to make certain purchases. As the procedure can take a lot of time and effort, from the International Student Services we will help you to collect your documents and will make an appointment for you at the police station.
  • Pick up service and accommodation for the first night: You will be able to book a taxi that will pick you up from the airport or station at the day of your arrival and that will bring you to a hotel, where you will be able to spend a free night in a hotel for up to three persons. You will be able to select the desired date via the Hospitality Application.
  • Language courses. After your admission, you will have access to an online platform where you can improve your Spanish (or other preferred language if Spanish is your first language). You also have the possibility to attend a Spanish course during the summer period, organized at various levels to enable each student to start at their own pace. Additionally, you are able to participate in Spanish courses throughout the year.
  • Transportation. We will provide you with a Móbilis card that enables you to use bus, metro and tram during your first days in Valencia.
  • Touristic information and culture. When arriving to our University, you will be given various brochures and tourist information that will help you to explore and get to know the city and your new surroundings. During the first weeks at the University we also organize various leisure activities that will help you integrate into the Spanish culture.
  • Optional medical insurance. You will be given the option to choose for a private insurance with Cigna, which offers comprehensive health coverage in Spain, for the duration of 1 year. The cost of this assurance is € 400 for a period of 12 months. You can request this health insurance via the Hospitality Application.


If you have any questions, or you would like to have more information concerning our Hospitality Services, provided by International Student Services, please feel free to contact us via:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: +34 96 136 90 06
    Or pass by our Hospitality Office: Monday-Thursday from 10h00 to 14h00 and from 15h30 to 17h00; Friday from 10h00 to 14h00

Course Enquiry - Before you apply

What courses do you offer for international students?

You can also find our full offer of postgraduate courses taught in Spanish here.

How do I apply for a degree?

You can access our admission form by following this link.

Do you work with recruitment agencies?

Yes we do. It is NOT compulsory to contact an agency that helps you through your admission process, but you may contact one in case you want that help.
We will be publishing an updated list of agencies soon.

Is there a deadline to apply?

You should apply as soon as possible if you want to be sure there are still places available.

There are already specific deadlines for the Degree in “Fisioterapia” (taught in Spanish) as well as the Degree in “Vétérinaire” (bilingual).

The deadline for the Degree in “Medicina” (taught in Spanish) will be published in February on our website in case you want to take the exam offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

In case you want to secure your place for “Medicine” as soon as possible you will need to take the BMAT exam on 16th February 2019.

I want to study Medicine; do I have to take an exam?

CEU Universidad Cardenal Herrera accepts the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) for applications to its bilingual Medicine degree programme.

BMAT is a 2-hour pen-and-paper test, which consists of three sections and is taken in English. Sections 1 and 2 are multiple-choice, and Section 3 is a writing task. You can find out more about the format of the test below.

BMAT tests your ability to apply scientific and mathematical knowledge, as well as problem solving, critical thinking and written communication skills that are essential to university-level study.

Important dates:

  • 28 January 2019: Bookings close at 23h59 UK time. After this, you will not be able to book for the February test.
  • 16 February 2019: test date. Start times depend on test venue, candidates will be able to see this when they book.
  • 4 March 2019: results released to candidates.

Preparing for BMAT

Visit the BMAT website for a range of free resources, and do the following:

It is highly recomendable that you know the structure of the test and the possible questions that might appear. In order to prepare yourself, you can use the following sources:

Registration for BMAT

You need to book at your earliest convenience through You may choose your venue and pay the test fee on-line.

Once you have filled in the admission form for the bilingual Medicine degree program, be sure to pay your BMAT fee and upload the payment proof to your personal intranet

Are there minimum grades required for studying at CEU UCH?

If you wish to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine, yes:

  • For Medicine, you will need to have achieved at least 70% in your most recent qualifications, depending on what the highest mark you can achieve is.
  • For Dentistry, it is 66%.
  • In case you want to study the bilingual Veterinary Medicine Degree in English/Spanish, you need a minimum mark of 65%.

For the rest of the degrees, candidates must be in possession of a High School Diploma (or studying in last year), whose grades will be decisive in the final admission.

If you wish to study Veterinary Medicine in French, a preparation year in Sciences is a plus.

What documents do you need to apply?

  • Scanned Passport or ID
  • Scanned academic documents (only one pdf file).
  • Scanned Photography (ID format).

For further information on the documentation needed, follow this link.

Are there prospectuses available?

We follow a no-paper policy and for this reason all the information about our degrees is only available online at:

Where can I obtain information on the admission process?

You can have more information about the information process by checking our infographic, attending our webinars and following us on Social Media:

How can I contact other future students?

We are not allowed to give you contacts because of the Data Protection Act but you can find them in the Freshmen Facebook group. 

During the course prior to your arrival we will organize virtual hangouts were you will be able to meet other future students.


I'm trying to register but the degree is not available. What can I do?

Please contact our International Relations Office:

Where can I check my application status and details?

You can check all this information via your student intranet.

I have a problem logging into my future student intranet.  How do I proceed?

You have to send an E-mail explaining your problem to:

I am unable to upload my documents. What should I do?

You have to upload only one PDF file containing all academic documents. If there are documents missing, please send them to:

I'm not able to log back and complete my application.

In case you have problems logging into your future student intranet, please send a message to:

After you have applied

How can I track my application?

You can track your application via your student intranet.

My application has been confirmed, what should I do next?

You have to make sure you have submitted all your documents and follow the instructions you have received by e-mail or the ones that appeared on screen while you were filling in the admission form.

Am I eligible for a scholarship or bursary offer?

Our university does not offer international scholarships but has created a program of assistantships for first-year international students. All the information regarding this and other actions will be published on our website and our Facebook group.

Admission Interview

Do I have to come to the university to carry out the interview?

No, you can do the interview on Skype. But if you prefer, you can make an appointment to carry it out face-to-face.

If you are applying for Médicine Véterinaire or Fisioterapia, you will need to wait for a few weeks: If you are pre-selected, you will be informed of the interview dates.

Can I choose the day and time?

Yes, you will be able to choose from a list of available dates.

Is it necessary to pass an interview?

Yes, you have to pass an admission interview.

How can I prepare the interview?

You can check out our Download Centre, where you will find an infographic as well as a Q&A with some useful tips.

  • Choose an interview date that is convenient for you
  • Dress appropriately
  • Inform yourself about the University and the degree you are interested in
  • Be punctual and polite
  • Be yourself

Will the interview be carried out in Spanish?

It will be carried out in the language of instruction of the course you have chosen. 

I have applied via an Agency; do I need to pass the interview?

Yes, you still have to pass the interview.


How much do I have to pay?

The academic fees for the upcoming year are published in late February and can vary up to a 5% of the previous year fees.

You can find here the fees for the academic year 2019/20

How do I pay my fees?

  • The first payment (Pre-enrollment and Hospitality Package or Pre-enrollment, Hospitality Package and enrollment) can be settled by credit card or bank transfer.
    If you are in Spain, you can also order a direct payment at the Banco Santander.
  • For the monthly payments you have several options:
    • You can set a direct debit from an account that you would have previously opened in Spain.
    • If your home country belongs to the SEPA territory you can settle them from home

What is the Hospitality Package and why should I pay for it?

The Hospitality Package covers a wide range of services for first-year international students. 

The Hospitality Package is mandatory for all the international students who live outside Spain, regardless of the degree they have chosen.

The payment is not applicable to students with a Spanish DNI, Spanish passport or NIE (obtained at least one year before their application to study in our university).

For all questions regarding please contact our Hospitality team at

Can I get a letter confirming I have paid my registration fees?

You will receive an email as soon as the university registers your payment. Then, your status will change in your intranet. If you need an invoice, you can ask for it at

I forgot to pay the place reservation and now the deadline is over. Can I still pay?

Your application has been dismissed. Please contact:

We will only be able to reactivate your application if there are places available.

Can I have an extension to the deadline for place reservation?

No, you have to settle the payment before the deadline; otherwise your application will be dismissed.

Open Day

What is an Open Day?

An Open Day is a certain day appointed by the university in which visitors are welcome to attend several presentations and visit our facilities. And the most important of all: they can meet our staff, get first-hand information and start getting familiar with our university. Participation in our Open Days is free.

When will the next Open Day take place?

Several International Open Days will be taking place throughout the academic year, so you will have different opportunities to visit our facilities and get all the information you may request.

Our next Open Days for international applicants will be taking place on January 25 and June 14, 2019. Click here to sign up for free!

Application withdrawal

I no longer wish to continue with my application.  How do I arrange this?

You have to let us know by sending an e-mail to

How do I obtain a refund of fees?

It is only possible if your application is not meeting the academic requirements or if your visa application has been denied. If you can no longer study this year in the University CEU Cardenal Herrera for medical reasons, we'll keep your place reservation for the next year. Send your document to:

How long does it take to process a refund?

Once your withdrawal application is complete it may take up to two months.

Social Media

Part-time Collaboration Internships

CEU Cardenal Herrera University offers part-time collaboration scholarships for international students during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 academic years.

The period of enrollment of these scholarships is comprised between February 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019

The fellows will report to the Rectorate of the University and will work 15 hours a week in support tasks for the Vice-Rectorate of Internationalization (Communication, Admission, International Student Services and Integration of the University), to the services of the Vice-Rectorate of Students (Sports, Languages, Campus Life) and the Faculties.

Functions to perform

The selected candidates will perform high-value functions related to communication to international candidates and students. Among them:

  • Collaborate in the tasks of the Service / Faculty to which they are assigned, following the instructions of the person in charge. Interact with current students (both national and international), alumni and University staff to generate joint work dynamics.
  • Develop and strengthen the feeling of belonging and encourage the motivation of University students.
  • Encourage the dissemination of the activities of the vice-rectorates to the competent services to boost their scope.
  • Develop research work on external online media where the presence of the University may be necessary.
  • Make presentations in different formats (PPT, Prezi ...) about the activities organized by the vice-rectorships.
  • Report on the activities organized by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students and University Life.
  • Inform about the activities related to the Faculties.
  • Inform about the activities related to the Degrees.
  • Report on activities related to the International Student Services service.
  • Participate in the communication of the activities of the University.
  • Promote the attendance of other students to integration activities.
  • Develop and suggest integration activities between national and international students.
  • Social Networks: generate visual content about university life to feed the official Instagram of the University; post entries on the International Relations and Campus Life blog; strengthen the social presence of the University.
  • All fellows will participate in the SnapCEU! Project, managing the official Snapchat of the University for a short period of time.
  • Participation in Public Relations activities, such as Open Days, Welcome Days, webinars, posts on the blog, guided tours of the University and other audiovisual and testimonial projects.
  • Encourage the participation of students in competitions.

The selected candidates will work face-to-face and online in the assigned tasks, sharing their experience as members of CEU Cardenal Herrera University. With their work they will strengthen the online presence of the university in different social networks and web pages, and share their experiences with new students and international candidates.

Collaboration Scholarships: Faculties and Services of destination

  • Collaboration Scholarship 001 - Higher School of Technical Teaching
  • Collaboration Scholarship 002 - Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences
  • Collaboration Scholarship 003 - Campus of Elche
  • Collaboration Scholarship 004 - Vice-rector for Internationalization: Admission (will be shared with the Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Collaboration Scholarship 005 - Vice-rector for Internationalization: Marketing
  • Collaboration Scholarship 006 - Vice-rector for Internationalization: Communication
  • Collaboration Scholarship 007 - Vice-rector for Internationalization: Mobility
  • Collaboration Scholarship 008 - Vice-rector for Internationalization: International Student Services
  • Collaboration Scholarship 009 - Vice-rectorate of Students and University Life: Sports
  • Collaboration Scholarship 010 - Vice-rectorate for Students and University Life: Languages
  • Collaboration Scholarship 011 - Vice-rectorate of Students and University Life: Campus Life (will be shared with the Veterinary School)
  • Collaboration Scholarship 012 - Corporate Communication: Student Communication

Profile of candidates

  • Students enrolled in any of the international degrees taught at CEU Cardenal Herrera University.
  • High level of English and a second language, preferably French or Italian.
  • Knowledge of Spanish will be valued, both orally and in writing.
  • Proactive and flexible with excellent communication skills.
  • Attention to detail and deadlines.
  • Computer skills and interest in social networks and blogs.
  • Knowledge of the Office, Google and social networks package (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).
  • Interest in photography
  • Be familiar with the internal procedures of the University.

Economic endowment and Payment

The CEU Cardenal Herrera University will offer an economic endowment of 255 euros per month, as well as additional benefits such as free participation in some activities.

Since the entry into force of R.D.1493/2011, of October 24, internships are paid monthly.

The payments will be made to the Spanish bank account that the beneficiary indicates in the University’s Human Resources Department.

This collaboration internship does not establish any professional or contractual relationship with Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU.


Before submitting your application, read carefully the terms and conditions of the scholarships.

The candidate must fill in the following form and fill, in order of preference, the positions to which he applies. This form, as well as the rest of the documents, should be sent to before October 31, 2018. The list of selected candidates will be published on November 15, 2018.

Required documentation
  • Application form duly completed and signed.
  • CV with photography
  • Motivation letter explaining the reasons for applying for the collaboration grant. In it, the qualities for which the candidate is considered suitable for the position should be emphasized.
  • Other merits that the candidate considers necessary to present and that are related to the purpose of the scholarship.
  • Other documents (such as the NIE, portfolio, letters of recommendation).
  • Documentation related to your family socioeconomic situation.
  • At any time, the University can request candidates to conduct a Skype interview.

Applicants may be requested for a Skype interview.

Important: To be able to enjoy the scholarship, the student must be in possession of the NIE / TIE and register in the General Treasury of the Social Security. A meeting will be held with the selected candidates to explain the procedure.

Incompatibility of internships

The internships are incompatible with:

  • Any other collaboration internship at CEU UCH Cardenal Herrera University.
  • The participation during the collaboration internships in the program of Voluntary Internships.
  • Any professional activity, whether full or part‐time.
  • Study grants from the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU.
  • Any doctorate or postgraduate scholarship.
  • Any other scholarship or study grant from the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU or any other institution founded by Asociación Católica de Propagandistas.
  • Any incompatibility arising from R.D. 1493/2011, of October 24.
Selection of candidates and granting of scholarships

A selection committee (Rector, Vice‐Rector of Internationalization, Vice‐ Rector of Students and Campus Life, Deans and professors) will examine the applications and the granting of the internships. The following will be taken into account:

  • The suitability of the candidate to carry out the tasks he/she is asked to do.
  • Academic merits.
  • Socio‐economic family situation.

After the internships have been granted, the decision will be communicated to each of the candidates, first, by telephone and, later, by regular mail. The decision is irreversible.

Because of the charitable character of the Fundación CEU San Pablo and the aid in the form of an internship, as well as the confidential information communicated by the committee, candidates who do not obtain an internship will only have access to the part of the files that applies to them.

CEU Cardenal Herrera University reserves the right to modify the internships in accordance with the necessities of the University services.

Obligations of the beneficiaries

Interns are obliged to:

  • Communicate in writing to the Vice Rectorate of Students and Campus Life they accept or renounce the internship. This must happen within 5 days of being notified the application was accepted. If the candidate does not contact the Vice Rectorate within this time, it will be assumed they renounce the internship. In such case, they will lose all rights they thus acquired.
  • Do the work their internship consists of in the corresponding period of time under the guidance of the person that is responsible. This means they have to do their work in the corresponding periods. They have to respect their timetable and maintain a responsible working attitude.
  • Be rigorously secretive with all the information they acquire that relates either to their work or to the university itself, its members or its activity. The candidate will explicitly accede to this obligation.
  • Refrain from accessing or facilitating the access of a third party to the documents or materials that are property of the university and that are necessary to carry out its tasks. This applies specifically to documents and materials that expressly or tacitly are used by the university’s management; especially its databases.
  • Behave in a way that is in accordance with academic practices, and, at any rate, compatible with the statutes and legal regulations that are in force.
  • Communicate their decision to relinquish the internship they are doing at least 15 days in advance.

Relinquishing the internship

Relinquishing the internship will cause the intern to lose the percentage of time that remains. The student shall immediately write a letter of withdrawal directed to the Vice Rectorate of Students and University Affairs as well as the Human Resources Department (located in Staff Management) in the event they relinquish their internship so that they can be unsubscribed from the Spanish Social Security System.

Causes of annulment of the internship

The Vice-Rectorate of Students and Campus Life after examination of the evaluation report by the tutor or any other report that qualifies examination can annul the internship if any or several of the following apply.

  • The intern presents inadequate behavior or is in serious breach with the obligations entailed by their position.
  • The intern repeatedly breaches their obligations or leaves their place of work without a justified reason. This will not only cause the annulment of the collaboration internship; the intern will also lose the right to apply for grants and internships for the rest of the academic year and the next one, including collaboration internships, at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, as well as those external entities offer to our students.

The intern is in breach with the document on Rules and Regulations for students (especially the content under Section 4 on Internships and grants, article 18), the document on Norms regarding the Organization and Functioning of CEU Cardenal Herrera University, and the current legislation. However, the gravity of the offences will, before taking a decision, be taken into account, as well as the relation these have with the person’s status as an intern.

The annulment of the collaboration internship due to the aforementioned causes will cause the student to lose all revenue starting from the date of cancellation of the contract.

Certificate of completion of the internship

At the end of the internship, the intern can request a Certificate that proves they successfully completed their tasks, including a report card and evaluation letter.

Commitment by participants and beneficiaries

The candidates for an internship, as well as the interns and beneficiaries of a scholarship grant, merely by participating in the selection procedure, the internship itself or any other of the internship’s phases explicitly and in its entirety accept the procedure regulations described in this document, as well as the decisions taken by the selection committee and the Vice Rectorate of Students and University Affairs.

Financial Aid Excellence Program

At University CEU Cardenal Herrera, we want to ensure that our international students receive the necessary financial support to carry out their studies with us. Therefore, the San Pablo CEU University Foundation has launched the Financial Aid Excellence Program, with grants that can reduce the academic fees by up to 50% for your degree.

If you are an outstanding student and you fulfil the following criteria, complete the documentation now and submit your application to us before the 30th June and very soon you will know if you can benefit from our support program!

  • Having an average grade of 8 points in first year of baccalaureate or equivalent (penultimate year of university access preparation)
  • Not being of Spanish nationality
  • Fulfilling the basic requirements of the program’s bases
  • Having carried out the necessary procedures for admission to one of the degrees detailed in the terms and conditions

Check University CEU Cardenal Herrera’s Financial Aid Excellence Program conditions and discover if you can benefit from the grants.



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