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Being what you do is choosing your future. It is to surround yourself with others who, like you, know what they want, but also how they want to achieve it. So simple. Welcome to the best stage of your life. Welcome to CEU Valencia.

If you have already decided that our University is the perfect match for you, congratulations!

From now on, it is our duty to make your journey as smooth and easy as possible. To ensure a successful application, we invite you to read carefully the information below and to follow the steps of our admission process. If you need assistance, you can reach out to us at any moment by sending us an e-mail to

But before taking any step forward, please go through these three items:

  • Have you followed the Spanish Education System during your studies abroad? Or maybe you have studied your secondary education in Spain? In both cases, regardless of your nationality, you will need to follow the admission process for Spanish candidates.
  • Access here all the information regarding the admission process for Medicina (Spanish) and Medicine (English/Spanish).
  • Are you hesitant about the academic documentation you need to apply? Check out the documentation required depending on your previous studies.

1. Admission form

To start the admission process, you need to complete an online form, indicating the following information:

  • Your personal information, so we can get in touch with you
  • The degree you wish to study at CEU Valencia
  • If you are applying as a first-year or a transfer student (in this case, you need to know that we don’t accept applications from transfer candidates in some degrees)

As you fill in the application form, you will have the opportunity to attach and upload the documentation we need to verify your eligibility regarding our academic requirements. We recommend that you only upload the requested documents. Please make sure that all the documents needed have been uploaded to the platform at least 2 days before your admission interview.

Which documents do you need to send us if you are a first-year student?

  • Scanned copy of ID card or passport
  • Scanned copies of all High School transcript of records
  • Scanned High School final diploma, if you already have it
  • Photo (ID format)
  • Cover letter

Which documents do you need to send us if you are a transfer student?

  • Scanned copy of ID card or passport
  • Scanned copies of all the detailed study programs of the subjects you want to validate
  • Scanned Transcript of Records
  • Photo (ID format)
  • You should present a validation proposal for your previous courses, comparing the subjects you wish to validate here at CEU UCH to those you have already studied in the past.

Make sure to have all your academic documentation combined in a single, optimized file.

Once the admission form has been filled in, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions you need to follow.

2. Future Student Intranet

You can access your intranet by clicking here.

In this intranet you will find relevant information concerning your application and its current status. You can also modify your personal details, upload new documents, change your interview appointment or download your admission letter once you have been accepted.

If you haven’t received the username and password needed to access your intranet, please go through the information you have entered once again or contact us at

3. Personal Interview

Once you have completed the admission form, you will be able to choose a date and time for a personal interview. This interview, together with your academic records and the result of the language test will determine your eligibility as a future student of CEU Valencia.

The admission interview, which will be carried out by a member of the International Relations Office, can be done on site or via Microsoft Teams.

Your application will then be thoroughly evaluated by our International Admissions Commission and 24-48 hours after your interview and/or language test you will receive the result by e-mail.

If you are applying for a place in our degree in Medicina, our bilingual degree in Medicine or the bilingual degree in Médecine Vétérinaire (French/Spanish), you won’t be able to freely choose a date and time for your personal interview. In these cases, it will be a member of the Faculty concerned who will activate the option.

If you wish to apply to one of our degrees as a transfer student, your personal advisor will only activate the interview calendar once all the needed academic documentation has been received.

4. Language level test

We offer a wide range of degrees in different languages, some of them bilingual. Make sure to visit our website and check the teaching language(s) of the degree you are interested in!

If you wish to study a degree where the first year is taught in a language different to your native tongue, you will be asked to send us a copy of an official language certificate or take the language level test that you will find in your intranet.

5. Application Status

Once your application has been evaluated, we will get in touch with you to inform you that:

  • You have been selected and there is a place available for you. In this case you will receive an admission letter including the instructions for the pre-enrollment.
  • You are on a waiting list for a place. As soon as there is a place available, you will be informed by e-mail.
  • You have not been selected.

Successful candidates will be asked to settle the amount corresponding to the pre-enrollment, which will be indicated in the admission letter.

6. Pre-enrollment and registration

Once you have been admitted, you will receive your admission letter by e-mail.

Be careful! If you don't settle the payment before the due date, your application will be dismissed.

Do you need further information?

Join our Facebook group for prospective students 2022/23 and get up-to-date information on our Admission Process.

We are aware of the importance of knowing the exact amount you need to pay for your studies, as well as the support given to international students at CEU Valencia.

In this section we have summarized the most relevant information on our academic fees, as well as an average monthly budget you will need to cover your living costs: accommodation, transport, etc... Most of these expenses can vary depending on your lifestyle but, in order to help you figure out the money you will need, take a look at our expense calculator!

If you need further information on our fees and other questions regarding the payment, don’t forget to download our quick guide for admissions!

Academic fees and payment

If you’d like to view the tuition fees payable for a particular degree, then first select your CEU UCH campus (Valencia / Elche / Castellón) and then the programme you are interested in. Fees for the new academic year are normally published in February.

The first payment (Pre-enrollment and Hospitality Package or Pre-enrollment, Hospitality Package and enrollment) can be settled by credit card (through an online payment processor) or international bank transfer. Once you are in Spain:

  • You can pay with monthly installments from your Spanish bank account, or from another bank account if it is kept in a SEPA country.
  • If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can do so from any bank, no matter if it is kept in a SEPA country or not.
  • You can also choose to pay monthly with your credit card via your student intranet.

Are you a parent or tutor and you wish more information? Follow this link and we will tell you more about us.

Refunding conditions

The only fees suitable for a refund are the Pre-enrollment fee and the enrollment fee (in case you have already paid this last one).

  • If your application is not meeting the academic requirements you will have to send the proper document stating your final grades from Secondary Education to the International Relations Office.
  • There is no option for a refund in case your visa gets denied.
  • If you can no longer study this year in the University CEU Cardenal Herrera for medical reasons, we'll keep your place reservation for the next year, in case you ask us to do so.

In all of these cases,you will need to contact before the course starts and send the proper document to

The Hospitality Package fee will not be refunded under any conditions, no matter if you haven’t used any of the services.

Part-time Collaboration Internships

The application period for the collaboration internships 2021/22 is closed. Please check this section regularly for updated information.

Do you want to work with us? If you are a first-year international student at CEU Valencia and want to learn new skills as well as share your creativity and experience with our community, then these internships might interest you!

Every year our university offers a number of collaboration internships for the international students enrolled in the first year of one of our degrees. Through these you will have the opportunity to collaborate with different areas related to the university’s faculties and services: International Student Services, International Communication, Campus Life, Language Services, Sports... You’re sure to find something that you can give your all to and help us make your CEU experience stand out.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward, this is what you have to do:

  • Read the terms and conditions of the internship that you can find in this document. It is important that you pay close attention to the available positions, the economic conditions and the documents that you must send us in order to apply.
  • Complete the application form that you can find here, clearly indicating your order of preference for the positions that you want to apply for.
  • Send us the completed application form by email, as well as the rest of the documents that you are asked for in the conditions of the internship. The address that you should send the documents to is

CEU Merit International Program Grants

The application period for these grants (academic year 21-22) is closed.

At University CEU Cardenal Herrera, we want to ensure that our international students receive the necessary financial support to carry out their studies with us. Therefore, the San Pablo CEU University Foundation has launched the CEU Merit International Program, with grants that can reduce the academic fees by up to 100% for your degree.

The conditions are:

  • Having an average grade of 7 points in first year of baccalaureate or equivalent (penultimate year of university access preparation)
  • Fulfilling the basic requirements of the program’s bases
  • Having carried out the necessary procedures for admission to one of the degrees detailed in the terms and conditions

Check these conditions and discover if you can benefit from the CEU Merit International Program grants, you can apply up to June 18th, 2021!

CEU Athlete Support Programme

CEU Athlete Support Programme

The CEU Athlete Support Programme enables students to successfully combine their educational commitments with a career in sport, and it also ensures that these athletes can build another career after their sporting retirement.

CEU's educational expertise and use of the Hyflex teaching method means that we can offer elite athletes the tailor-made and flexible university education they need, wherever they may be, providing personalised support and tutoring.

Key benefits:

  • Guidance in the choice of study programme and design of a curriculum tailored to each athlete’s needs, preferences and characteristics.
  • Support for the athlete by means of a personal academic tutor, a personal sporting tutor, a mentor, the University Guidance Service, the Careers Service, the Sports Service and the Pastoral Service.
  • Lecturers who are already skilled and experienced in the provision of online and hybrid education using HyFlex technology, which has been successfully implemented at our facilities.
  • For changes of groups, timetables and exams, in addition to the competition calendar, special training camps, institutional commitments and trips related to sporting activities, training routines and competitive stress will also be taken into account.
  • The programme allows flexibility regarding the minimum number of credits which athletes must enrol on.
  • Together, the three CEU universities offer more than 150 study programmes, including standard bachelor's degrees, dual degrees and bilingual degrees.
  • We are the largest Spanish educational group with more than 80 years' teaching experience.

More advantages:

  • Undergraduate scholarship programmes and postgraduate grant programmes.
  • Access to CEU Clinics
  • Awards for athletic and academic excellence
  • Recognition of sporting achievements on the European Diploma Supplement and certification of skills acquired in the form of digital badges from BADGR

Who is it for?

The programme is open to elite athletes, whether amateur or professional, Spanish or foreign, seniors or retired (lifelong learning):

  • High-level and high-performance athletes, as defined in Spain as Deportistas de Alto Nivel (DAN) and Deportistas de Alto Rendimiento (DAR)
  • Plan ADO or Plan ADOP athletes.
  • Athletes who have been selected for a regional or national team
  • Athletes who have participated in European Universities Championships, World University Championships or Winter or Summer Universiade.
  • Professional athletes
  • Retired elite athletes
  • Top-level coaches


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Phone: +34 96 136 90 00 – Ext. 61026

We have a grant for you

Choosing the University you will be studying in for the next 4 or 5 years really is an important decision, especially when you are an international student. You can always visit our facilities virtually by navigating our site or following us on social media, but we would also like to meet you in person: why not come to CEU Valencia, meet us and take a tour of our different labs, classrooms, TV studios, leisure areas...?

Here are the different options available if you want to visit or get in touch with us. You can choose the one you find more convenient to your needs!

Open Days (on site)

Open Days are a great opportunity to explore our campus and for you to speak to our teachers or a member of our International Relations Office. Plus, it is an excellent way to find out more about our degrees and the admission process.

Sign up

Open Days (virtual)

Learn more about student life at CEU UCH and explore our facilities from the safety of your own home with these online events, which have been specifically designed for candidates from Latin American countries.

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Campus Tour

These walking tours take place on Fridays and are led by an undergraduate student currently studying at the University. Tours are not subject specific and are designed to give a general overview of the facilities and to answer your questions… from a student’s perspective!

Individual visits + Campus Tour

If you want to talk to a teacher and enjoy a walking tour led by a student, you can organize an individual visit adapted to your needs.

  • Schedule your visit by contacting your admissions advisor

Our University has created a package of taylor-made services intended to make your arrival in our city as smooth as possible. These welcome services have been named Hospitality and you will have access to them after the pre-enrollment fee has been settled. You will also be able to manage all of the services through an app that has been specifically been designed for you.

Here you have an overview of the services provided but, if you have doubts or questions regarding them, please contact our team!

A complete range of services at your disposal

  • Accommodation services: We can help you find your future accommodation, by putting you in contact with our partners: rooms in dorms, apartments to share or even small studios, both in Valencia and around our campus… there is an option for every budget!
  • SIM card: You will be provided with a Spanish sim card upon arrival, which will allow you to call and to surf the internet for your first two months here. You can activate the sim card through the Hospitality Application, thereby indicating the date on which you want it to be activated. It should be noted that, to be able to use this SIM card, it is necessary that your phone is SIM lock free.
  • Opening a bank account in Spain: You are offered the possibility to open a free bank account at Santander bank, which is the biggest bank in Spain and has an office located on our campus. Having a Spanish bank account enables you to take care of your payments in Spain (such as the payment of the tuition fee and the rent) and provides you with a Spanish debit card. You can apply for the bank account via the Hospitality Application and go directly to the office to sign the contract on the selected date.
  • Academic documentation (Homologation/Credential):: To be enrolled in a Spanish university, international students must obtain a document that proves they have successfully completed their secondary education. We are aware that administrative procedures in a country other than yours can be complicated, so we will indicate what documentation you need to provide, we will make the request and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Residence permit: : We will help you manage the documents you will need to legalize your stay in Spain. The NIE (also known as “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros”) and TIE, identification documents for foreigners that reside in Spain. As the procedure can take a lot of time and effort, we will help you to collect your documents and will make an appointment for you at the police station.
  • Pick up service and accommodation for the first night: You will be able to book a taxi that will pick you up from the airport or station at the day of your arrival and that will bring you to a hotel, where you will be able to spend a free night in a hotel for up to three people, breakfast included.
  • Language courses: After your admission, you will have access to an online platform where you can improve your Spanish (or other preferred language if Spanish is your first language). You also have the possibility to attend a Spanish course during the summer period, organized at various levels to enable each student to start at their own pace. Additionally, you are able to participate in Spanish courses throughout the year.
  • Sustainable Transport: Sustainable mobility is no longer the future: it is here and now. This is how our university community has understood it, each day more committed to this urban and global challenge. Healthy cities should be the norm rather than the exception. And that's how we want the cities where our campuses are located. Our students in Elche and Valencia actively participate in this commitment. A reality possible every day thanks to free access to the TUiN Valencia card and the BiciElche voucher that CEU UCH students enjoy, protagonists of the urgent change towards healthier, humane and friendly cities for people and the environment.
  • Optional medical insurance: You will be given the option to choose for a private insurance with CIGNA, which offers comprehensive health coverage in Spain, for the duration of 1 year. The cost of this assurance is € 400 for a period of 12 months. You can request this health insurance via the Hospitality Application.