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The world changes – and so do careers.

25 years In 25 years’ time, it’s thought that half of today’s professions will have disappeared. This means that we’re all travelling into the unknown. But it will be an adventure of discovery, full of unexpected, stimulating and exciting challenges. Of course, technology will be the key to this transformation, but it will still be a secondary player. The real protagonists will be people and they will need the right skills to act effectively.

Mind the skills gap

What is the skills gap?

The skills gap is all about the difference between the skills possessed by those who are looking for employment and the skills that employers actually require. This gap is getting bigger as the technological progress gathers pace. It’s a challenge which is present right across the world and it has direct effects on the economy: it can increase unemployment and reduce business productivity.

How can we close this gap?

As an educational institution, CEU UCH is part of the solution. This University has pioneered the targeted development and certification of specific transferable skills and competences, and we can ensure these skills are easily recognizable by employers.

Employers are looking for people with the skills you possess – we can bring you together.

We can certify your competencies using Open Badge technology

When selecting potential employees, business associates or investment partners, decision-makers need to know whether the people under consideration have the right skills and competencies. Having a degree is the first filter, but after that, the specific competencies that you possess can make you stand out and even make you the ideal candidate.

To streamline the selection process, recruitment portals like LinkedIn enable employers to search for candidates by competencies.

What is a micro-credential?

  • - A micro-credential is a digital badge, recognizing and certifying that a person possesses a particular competency.
  • - Their purpose is to make people with the sought-after skills more visible. They make it easier for employers to find candidates with the competencies they need.
  • - Employers trust micro-credentials, as they can click on a micro-credential and see how the person has acquired that competency.

How can I get micro-credentials?

  • By taking part in some of the many different learning experiences which are possible at the University.
  • Choose the key competencies you want to develop.

How can I show my micro-credentials?

  • CEU micro-credentials use Open Badge technology and we have an account with the world-leading micro-credential platform,
  • This means that you can add them to your LinkedIn profile, your website, your CV or other professional websites and profiles.

With us, you can hone, acquire and certify your competencies using our cutting-edge technology. At CEU, you can become the professional you want to be.

What CEU micro-credentials are there?

The CEU micro-credential ecosystem covers the following competency categories.

Soft Skills   Soft Skills

These are personal skills which go beyond mere knowledge of information - and they are what differentiate top professionals from the rest See our micro-credentials

Internationalization   Internationalization

These are the competencies you will need to operate effectively in today’s globalized workplace. See our micro-credentials

Ethical commitment   Ethical commitment

Competencies concerning ethical commitment, social awareness, civic responsibility and sensitivity to the environment in which the University provides support and education. See our micro-credentials

Instrumental competencies   Instrumental competencies

These are invaluable competencies concerning the management of information, digital skills and the ability to speak foreign languages. See our micro-credentials

Research   Research

These competencies mean that you can apply the scientific method in a specific area, contributing to progress and benefiting society. See our micro-credentials

Socialización laboral   Social competencies for the workplace

These competencies enable you to operate in a range of different organizational settings, making you stand out in the job market. See our micro-credentials

Go to the intranet to select the micro-credentials that interest you.

Micro-credentials under development

Micro-credentials under development

Go to the intranet to select the micro-credentials that interest you.

Go to the intranet to select the micro-credentials that interest you.

Go to the intranet to select the micro-credentials that interest you.