Be as you are

It's in our DNA. We've been working for more than 40 years to be a different university. Being the first private university in the Valencian Community means knowing from experience what is important for the future of our students. And it is precisely the success of those who were already our students what has allowed us to understand how to move forward into the future. It is in our DNA, we are CEU.

We are International

35% of international students from 90+ countries.

We are Innovation

New ways of learning for new times.

We are Knowledge

Avant-garde research, renowned and award-winning professors.

We are Origin

Oriented to improve society in the Valencian Community and in Spain.

Close, simple, passionate
We are Just So

Close, simple, passionate ... from person to person. Always.

CEU UCH Experience

Pioneer University

Pioneer University

1st private university in the
Region of Valencia.

Education Group

Education Group

1st education group in the country.

The San Pablo CEU Foundation with centres on all education levels.

100 countries Global Campus

Global Campus

Open to the world, with 25% of students being international, coming from more than 100 countries.

Professional Development

Professional Development

More than 6.098 agreements for internships.

CEU Plus ability development programme.

Free competence development programme


Free competence development programme.



Nº 1 in Grants. The private education institution that invests the most in grants and supports in Spain.



The integration model
Campus Life allows students to get the most out of the university experience.



More than 40 research projects.

More than 1,3 million euros for investment, 5 institutes.