Tomorrow’s world will need professionals who can work at the international level. At CEU, we’ve spent the last ten years working multilaterally to build an environment which can meet these new challenges in teaching, research and the communication of knowledge.

From Stockholm to Taipei, via Lima, Valencia, Moscow and Miami. Our university community is made up of thousands of professionals, researchers and students who choose us every day for their studies or projects. And always showing an open mind and curiosity about the world around us.

Maybe you know already or maybe you don’t: at our university, you can discover the world without leaving the campus.

The world in one university

10.100 Degree and Postgraduate programs students from more than 100 countries come together on our campuses: CEU is home to one in three of the world’s nationalities

In 2020-21, our university broke records with almost 2500 international students on our three campuses: 31% of the total number of students. In the libraries, corridors and offices, across the different buildings for Health Sciences, Design, Communication or Law, the languages and accents tell you that this university is open to the whole world.

Every student has found our community to be a warm, welcoming, diverse and dynamic environment for a solid international education. But it’s also a place for students to live their lives and develop as people, not just professionally.

We have no intention of resting on our laurels. Student numbers are increasing, but also the number of teaching and service staff from other countries. We’re opening up new degree itineraries for international students. And we’re putting in place new agreements with companies and external organizations to enrich the experience of all our students and the networks for each study area.

Our global outlook makes us stand out. That’s why we’re already one of the most international universities in Spain.

The journey matters more than the destination

And yet we’ll still offer you more than 250 possible destinations to further your studies and carry out placements. Your biggest problem will be choosing.

Valencia today, but Buenos Aires yesterday and maybe Stockholm tomorrow. Every day, our students take decisions as they build a truly international CV: this could involve the Erasmus+ scheme, intensive study visits to the USA, lectures from European diplomats or workshops given by top professionals from across the continent.

We believe that being international has to be about more than just possessing detailed knowledge in one area: developing interdisciplinary skills is a must and at CEU we provide our students with opportunities to do so via international projects, placements and exchange programmes. We want our students to learn in lectures, of course, but also to gain the skills they need in the real world too.

The aim? To enable our students to gain in expertise via having outstanding experiences. Our commitment? To make that happen.

Teamwork, intercultural communication, language skills and a large dose of curiosity. The job market in today’s Europe is crying out for people with sound methodological, social and personal skills. At CEU, providing that kind of added value to your CV is at the heart of everything we do.

A place where extraordinary things happen

Working together on projects with other universities and companies across the world is a key part of our internationalization strategy.

As an international university, CEU Valencia is strongly committed to undertaking projects which enhance the international character of the education we provide. For us, internationalization is not just a commitment to our students and employees, but also to the institutions we work with.

If you work for a university, company or institution with an international outlook and you would like to explore the possibility of working together on a project, we would be delighted to hear from you and to have the opportunity to grow both our international networks!

An institution operating in the global market can only look outwards. Because of that, at CEU, we are open to studying through collaborating with our international partners who can help us to grow sustainably and reach our main goal: transforming the world through knowledge.

Exporting our best

World-class research, a global alumni network and real solidarity with other people: CEU projects, people and initiatives to make the world a better place.

Every day, our graduates leave their mark on the world as architects, lawyers, designers, doctors or researchers in different fields of knowledge. The value of their work can be seen in the new products, services, and projects of different types they undertake and the international awards they receive.

We want all members of our university community, both our current students and our graduates, to achieve success in their careers, whether within Spain or abroad, but we also want them to find a different kind of fulfilment in their lives. This could take the form of social innovation. Or finding new antibiotics to halt the advance of disease. Or taking part in collaborative consumption projects. Or even leading the formulation of new policies to protect children. In short, making the world a better place is the aim.

And we want our students to have the resources and opportunities to do just that at CEU. That is also what being international is about.

With a presence right across the world, our researchers and graduates have created career niches in countless fields and in many different roles, and many of their achievements are truly impressive. But what they all have in common is their understanding of what their profession is and of the way in which things should be done: that is the CEU brand. It defines the way we think and act on the world stage.

Explore our world

Few universities can offer you so many international experiences in so little time. The CEU world is for dreamers, adventurers, and for the people who really want to stand out from the rest. In short, it is a community which looks to the future without fear and which is intimately connected with the rest of Europe and the world.

Explore our map of the world and discover hundreds of fascinating stories and their protagonists – people who have achieved something unique in the world.

You could take a trip through the CEU world without even getting up out of your chair: why not come with us?