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Living and studying in Spain: a country to share

You want a destination that is fun, close and within Europe. A destination where you can study at a prestigious university. In a safe and international environment. And now you are wondering whether to study in Spain.

As an international student, you can find all that and much more in our country. You will be in an innovative, creative and socially responsible country where solidarity, sustainability and digitization are part of our lifestyle. You can learn about our traditions and discover how fun living in our country is! All of these are factors that will undoubtedly work in your favour.

The location of Spain, often called the bridge between Europe and Latin America, is also a plus. It will only take you 2 hours from Valencia to get to London, Berlin or Paris. And the main hub of our country has the largest direct flight network with Latin America: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru or Argentina have never been so close!

Study in Spain, a country to discover - CEU Valencia

Study in Spain

But above all, what you will like the most about Spain is our lifestyle. When you arrive in Spain you will discover a relaxed way of life and a welcoming and passionate society that makes the most of sport, culture and social life.

We only have one caveat for you: if you come to study in Spain, you will probably not want to leave anymore.

Prepare your trip to Spain

It is set - you are coming to Spain as an exchange student or you have already enrolled in a university degree... Congratulations! The countdown begins: procedures, documents and that tedious moment of packing. But don't worry, everything is much easier than it seems.

You just have to keep in mind the following items: enrolment, documents, university contact, accommodation, health... and passport. Do you have everything? Then we will meet you in our Welcome Days!

Visa information

Visa information

In certain cases, it is necessary for international students to obtain a visa that authorizes them to legally reside in our country. This happens especially to students whose country of origin is not in the European Union and whose study stay is going to longer than three months.

We recommend that if you require a visa, you start as soon as possible to carry out the necessary procedures to obtain it, since administrative times and deadlines may vary depending on the country and circumstances. You can find here the contact information of your nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

In any case, if you need advice or have questions about visas, foreigner identification cards (TIE) or any other documentation necessary for you to study in Spain, our ISS - International Student Services office is at your disposal for whatever you may need at

Health system

Health system

Our country has a wide network of health centres and public hospitals that guarantee health care. Therefore, if you are a citizen of the EU (or of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland) we recommend that you carry out the necessary procedures to obtain the European Health Card so that you can benefit from the National Health System.

If you come from another country, confirm before your arrival if there is a health care agreement with Spain; otherwise, it will be compulsory for you to take out a private insurance that covers the medical expenses during your stay in our country - this is very important because without it you will not be able to apply for a study visa!

In case of emergency, you can call the free citizen assistance telephone number: 112



Living in a different country is a great leap, and surely the first thing you are thinking about is finding a place to live. Therefore, our advice is that you start searching as soon as possible so that you have more possibilities of finding the perfect accommodation for you.

Availability will vary depending on the type of home you are looking for, its location and your budget. So, for example, you may find it easier to find a room in a less central area of the city or in a private accommodation rather than in a student residence. In any case, don't worry, there are options for everyone - here are some of them!

Private accommodation

If what you are looking for is a room in a flat or house, or even a whole flat or studio to rent, there are many real estate agencies in Spain that can help you. Prices may vary based on size, services included and location, but sharing a flat with other students is without a doubt one of the most fun options for your university years!

Beware of possible fraud: never send money electronically without having visited your accommodation and without having a signed contract, and make sure you read all the conditions before formalizing anything!

And remember that if you are an international student and have already enrolled in CEU UCH, you can benefit from our help service in your search for accommodation.

Student residences

Another common option among students is to stay in a student residence. There are different sizes and price ranges, depending on the services they offer: some include restaurants, laundry, gym and even play areas.

Cost of living

Cost of living

The usual cost of a room in an average apartment is between € 180 and € 250, while residences can range from € 500 to € 650 per month. At this price, you must add an estimate of expenses to cover your stay in Spain: food, transport, communications, leisure... And, although Spain has an affordable cost of living in relation to other European countries, it is good that you estimate the average amount that you think you will need. Check out this calculator - it might help you!

The best years of your life... in Valencia Or in Elche. Or in Castellón.

Years of new friends, experiences and personal and academic growth await you in Spain. Start getting to know Valencia, Elche and Castellón and discover everything they have to offer you: there are plenty of reasons for you to come!