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Online teaching

On 13th March, the Blackboard online platform became our campus. Its features and capabilities enabled lectures, seminars, events with guest speakers, workshops and alternative practical activities to take place. Tutorials continued too and, in fact, tutorial hours increased in number during these ‘online’ weeks of the 2019-20 academic year.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra made it possible for our students to still achieve most of the target competences for their courses and it meant that the original examination calendar could, for the most part, be maintained.

Those activities which necessarily required our students’ physical presence on campus or at external facilities were rescheduled for a time at which they could take place safely.

Applica beca CEU

Ready for 2020-21

We have made available a wide range of grants and financial assistance both for our current students and for those who will be joining us for the first time in September.

For 2020-21, we have increased our grant budget for CEU UCH students by 25%. There’ll be more types of grants, more grants of each type and more flexibility in the eligibility requirements.

The CEU San Pablo University Foundation already was the top socially-inspired institution in Spain, in terms of the proportion of its own resources it dedicated to educational grants and financial assistance. The amount set aside for the coming academic year is now 12 million euros, all from our own resources and all for the students who need financial support.

The University services stayed open too

Although in-person activity was suspended, many of the University services continued to operate, attending to student needs online or over the phone. The work of the University’s staff ensured that we continued to support student activity, ranging from providing materials for academic work to distributing information to enable students to participate with others in online social activities.

Special support for students

We recommend that students use the reference material located on the intranet to organize a personal study schedule and that they look at the information provided regarding the academic activities for each study programme, including the new timetables and how to participate in online social activities with other university students, etc.

If you are a student and have an issue of a personal nature, whatever this may be, the University is here to help you: contact us and tell us about it. If you are currently taking part in the admissions process for 2020-21, or you would like to apply for a place, we’re also here for you: call us or send us an email.

Our experience together

Our experience together

All our students have been able to complete the academic year, with the academic integrity of the process and their safety guaranteed. We made all the adjustments needed to make sure this was the case. We made changes to the academic calendar and extended deadlines. Everyone – students, lecturers and service staff – has been come through an extraordinary experience, together, in which we’ve had to change so many things, but one thing has stayed the same: together, we’ve made what seemed impossible possible.

"We know that in life some things happen unexpectedly and they serve as a test for people and institutions, and this situation is certainly one of them. It’s very serious. It’s nothing less than a pandemic which has brought the country to paralysis. It’s something that none of us has ever seen before."

Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza y Gómez de Valugera,
President of the CEU San Pablo University Foundation.

Together we can make a difference

It’s what sociologists call “a community”

The whole University gave everything to change, to help, to solve problems, and to connect. The lecturers, service staff, student representatives, student assistants, and the students themselves: we all felt part of what sociologists call “a community”. Together, we had to the strength to face uncertainty and come out on the other side.


This Spanish word epitomises what the University and its community are all about. Sumar means “to add” and that’s what we were and are able to do with our contributions. They might seem like small things, but when we add them all together, they turn into something truly great. By sumando, we’ll all come out stronger.

#EstamosJuntosEnEsto y esto es nuevo

Many things are new, but many others aren’t

Being at home all the time, not being able to go out when you wanted and where you wanted, having to stay at least a metre away from other people when you did go out – all this was new. But what wasn’t new was the sense of solidarity that millions of people felt for each other. What wasn’t new was the strength and the sense of unity we gained from symbolic actions, even when this was as simple as going out onto our balconies to applaud other people.

Large parts of our day-to-day life and of the university experience was new. But if there’s one thing that today’s students certainly know how to do, that’s adapting to new experiences. People had said that today’s generation of university students were the most versatile generation ever, better at dealing with uncertainty and using digital technology, and that they also knew that yesterday’s methods might not be very useful tomorrow – or even today. They showed that all of that was true.