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The International Congress of Students (CIE) of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University aims to encourage interest in the research field among the students of the University. Moreover, it is a cross-cutting activity, in which all students of the University, regardless of their field of study, have a place.

The CIE was launched in 2003, so it has a history of over 10 years and is one of the firm commitments of the Vice Chancellor's Office for Students and University Life, due to its value to our students. Since its first edition, it was proposed to recreate the normal procedures at scientific conferences, where researchers present the progress of their work to the scientific community. The CIE replicates all the steps that occur in the professional and research reality, so that students go through the whole research experience: from the observation of a real phenomenon or posing a hypothesis that needs to be verified, to the design of the research, the empirical work, the achievement of results and conclusions and the presentation and defense of the research.

If you are a university or pre-university student, the International Congress of Students (CIE) is an experience you cannot miss, for several reasons:

  • You will live a different university experience, which is outside of the day-to-day classes and revolves around the research.
  • You will discover the world of research, inside and outside of the CEU-UCH. And that world is near and within your reach.
  • You will train the most useful skills in the field of research, and you will be able to put them into practice later in your career.
Cartel Congreso Internacional de Estudiantes


We are already working on the 13th edition of the CIE! You can a mark on your agenda that it willbe held on the 14th and 15th of April, 2016. As always, we encourage you to take part in this university experience that goes beyond the day-to-day classes and where you can discover that the world of research is at your fingertips.

f you want to find all relevant information about the Congress (the bases, the rules for submission, all the key dates, the program, the guest speakers ...), you can do it in the activity of the CIE 2016, on the agenda of activities University.


El Congreso Internacional de Estudiantes se imparte en una de nuestras sedes en el Campus de Álfara del Patriarca, el Edificio Luis Campos Górriz

Cuenta con un total de 42 aulas de docencia, con diversos formatos y disposiciones de amueblamiento, que totalizan 3.700 m2 destinados a aulas con un aforo máximo simultáneo de 2.636 alumnos. Todas las aulas disponen de cañón de proyección, proyector de transparencias y conexión de red de datos y a circuito de televisión, equipos de microfonía y sonido. Gozan de iluminación natural a través de amplios ventanales. Cuentan con ventilación natural y mecánica, sistema de climatización regulable desde la propia aula.

Además de éstas aulas de docencia se cuenta con otras aulas destinadas a docencia interactiva o "talleres", cableadas eléctricamente y con red de datos y dotadas de PC's y MAC's.


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