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What is the CEU Student Mentoring Programme?

The programme offers new students (both Spanish and international) the opportunity to be in contact and exchange experiences with a CEU student on their arrival. It provides a friendly face, a helping hand, and the first Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera friendship that can make a world of difference for new arrivals.

The goals of this programme are:

  • To help new students settle in.
  • To build ties between students of the same degree.
  • To enhance student integration.
  • To ensure that new students do not feel alone as they take their first steps at the CEU.
  • To promote new student participation in campus activities.
  • To create a zero tolerance atmosphere against bullying

A CEU Student Mentor may have a single or several new students, it depends on the CEU Student buddy applications we receive and the number of new students per year. This is a voluntary service for new students. They can decide whether would like to join the programme or not.

Here are a few examples of what a Student Mentor would do:

  • Accompany new students on a tour of the university, explain where things are and how they work: where to eat, where to find the different student and university services, or how computer classrooms or the library works.
  • Explain how to get around Valencia, how the Metro and buses work, about monthly travel cards, taxi information, etc.
  • Help them get their bearings for everyday life: the supermarket, banks, the Post Office
  • More generally, make it easier for new students to adapt to their new campus life at the University.

The Campus Life office will also provide an E-Mentor Service, via email from between September and December. The rest of the year, students can address their questions to

Why become a Mentor?

  • Attend different events
  • Gain insight on different cultural values and world views
  • Meet new people
  • Practice a language
  • Help students from your own background
  • Meet students from a different background
  • Develop communication skills
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Develop attitudes such as engagement, responsibility, solidarity and respect
  • Gain work experience
  • Supplement your co-curricular record thanks to the soft skills developed: social skills, organization skills, leadership, public speaking, team work or problem solving.
  • Participation will be recognised in the CEU Certificate of competences at the end of your studies.

Mentor Responsabilities

  • Receive mentoring formation
  • Contact the assigned students via email once a month to provide information about campus life at the University and offer their help
  • Meet the assigned students and give them individual help in case of need
  • Participate with the rest of mentors in activities


  • Be a current CEU UCH undergraduate student.
  • Have passed at least 1st academic year.
  • Sincere interest in helping students.
  • Respect religious, political, sexual orientation issues and cultural differences.
  • It is required to have completed the Mentor training.

How to apply?

I would like to be a Mentor I would like to have a Mentor
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