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The Choir is a mixed polyphonic choir of four voices in which students, teachers, and any member of the university community who likes music and singing can participate. No musical studies are required. The Chamber Orchestra is open to the entire university community. Prior knowledge of a musical instrument is required. Members of the Chamber Orchestra and Choir participate in the most important events of the year, representing the University at both internal and public events. As a result, they experience various University events from a privileged perspective, which is enriching for all. Also, here you will make friends from all degrees of the University through frequent activities during the course, acquiring both musical knowledge and vocal techniques through weekly rehearsals.

If you like the idea of being part of the of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera choir and/or chamber orchestra and make friends with peers in other subjects, please contact us. You can attend a rehearsal and see firsthand how attractive this activity is.

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César Blecua Udías
Tel. 96 136 90 00 Ext. 63936 /


Maestro José Manuel Palau Sala

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