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We can all be charitable members because we can all contribute to those less fortunate. The Chair of Solidarity promotes voluntary work at the University and develops national and international solidarity projects. We encourage you to participate in diverse activities and opportunities to do something for those in need. The Chair of Solidarity offers you the opportunity to develop your caring spirit, which will make you feel better about yourself.

The Chair of Solidarity is open to receive your proposals on various voluntary and solidarity projects.

Give your time. Be supportive. We are counting on you.

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D. Santiago Celestino Pérez Jiménez
Tel. 96 136 90 00 Ext. 2408

Observatory of poverty and social exclusion

This is a CEU-UCH project in collaboration with Cáritas Diocesanas and the FOESSA Foundation. Its main objective is to collaborate with the Catholic Church by conducting research on poverty and social Exclusion in Valencia. This way, the University serves to the betterment of society.

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