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If you are the father, mother or guardian of a CEU student or a prospective CEU student, this is the place for you. This space aims to provide you with the information you need and to give you answers to any concerns you may have. And even more if you are a parent coming from the US, as you can now join our new portal to get even more information about upcoming events, important news and relevant updates from our University!

In these uncertain times, you may wonder if the admission process for new students is still open, if our University’s services continue to operate during the outbreak, or if we are contributing in a special way to help families tackle the current situation. The answer to all these questions is yes.

Yes, we have changed how we do things, but our essence is still the same. No matter the difficulties we have to face, our commitment and the type of education we believe in remain unaltered.

Being here and there

Back in the room, and with a dual-mode approach to attendance system if necessary

This year 2021-22 our students will be required to attend lectures in person. This will be adapted if required by the health regulations in force by September 2021. Therefore, we are getting ready for an essentially face-to-face new year. However, our dual-mode approach to attendance will be implemented if necessary, as it has proven to be successful in 2020-21. Do you need more information? Keep reading to learn more about this dual-mode approach.

international environment

This land is part of who we are, but we’ll make your children citizens of the world.

More than 30% of our students are young people from abroad – from more than 100 different countries, in fact. That means that we are one of the most international universities in Europe. More than 2000 international students who have chosen us as the place to study their degrees – in English, in French, or (of course) in Spanish.

More than 30% of our students are from abroad, comprising 100 different nationalities.

Institución educativa

We are not out to make a profit.

Our University belongs to the San Pablo CEU University Foundation, the largest socially-inspired educational institution in Spain, created by the Catholic association known as the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas (ACdP).

As we form part of a foundation, profit is not our aim. Any money generated is reinvested in our educational activities: providing better facilities, better teaching and better grants for our students.

And this year, more than ever, we want to help our students and their families. For this reason, CEU is increasing for 20-21 its grant and financial support budget by 25%.

Ambiente trabajo

We are different – or at least we try to be.

We put a lot of effort, every day, into being different and into being a university unlike the rest. The way we work with our students does not resemble very much what happens at other universities. After all, we pioneered the creation of the figure of the personal tutor, the provision of a complete range of dual degrees and of free English classes, just to name a few examples. And we’re still striving to improve because we know that the universities of tomorrow will be very different from the ones we see today. We try to appeal students who want to be the focus of their own education and to take control of it.

If you you’d like to know more about CEU UCH, this is the place to find out everything you need. >>

Why not

It is not a question.

It is how we see the world. How we question things actually are. Why not? These two words help us cross frontiers. See the world with other eyes. The right question today is not ‘why?’ but ‘why not?’

It’s not about preparing for a a profession.It’s about finding a vocation

Father and son

It’s very important for us that our prospective students and their families have all the information they need to take a crucial decision about their future: what to study at university, and where. Here’s the ABC of what we have to offer:

A. High quality and variety

  • 3 campuses, 20 Bachelor’s Degree programmes and more than 7000 students
  • Dual degrees, exchange programmes and international placements
  • Free foreign language training throughout your son or daughter’s studies
  • Activities to boost employability from the very first day of lectures

B. University life with real meaning

  • An institution that believes in basic human values, ethics and academic rigour
  • Programmes to introduce students to the practice of research
  • Cultural exchange and integration activities
  • A profound sense of a real university community, infused with the CEU spirit

C. Spain, the perfect setting

  • It is one of the top destinations for European students
  • Safe cities with a high quality of life: great weather, great food, and great transport links
  • Lower cost of living and lower educational costs than in other nearby European countries
  • An open-minded and lively society which newcomers find warm and welcoming

Do you know what your son or daughter wants to do?

It’s important to know which study programme, whether this a Bachelor’s Degree or a postgraduate programme, fits with your son’s or daughter’s expectations and needs. We know that starting out on anything which is both new and important can be unsettling anyway, but that studying abroad can add to the challenge. That’s why at CEU Valencia we strive to take care of our international students and try to help them make the most of their potential. To do this, we offer a rapid response to queries and fully personalized guidance.

Take a look at the different areas our study programmes cover and scrutinize the detailed information available on: the curricula, the language the programme is taught in, exchange programmes, and practical trainingYou can also check out our interviews with current CEU students here in Valencia.

  • education
  • communication
  • business & marketing
  • health sciences
  • engineering
  • architecture
  • design
  • law, political & security
  • veterinary
  • gastronomy

No existen titulaciones para los parámetros seleccionados.


No existen titulaciones para los parámetros seleccionados.


No existen titulaciones para los parámetros seleccionados.

A process which suits the needs of international applicants

We know that living far away can make it difficult to carry out all the administrative paperwork needed to study at a foreign university. But CEU Valencia’s international experience has shown us how to adapt the process to make it easier for applicants from across the world, cutting out unnecessary steps and making the process as digital as possible. We want to you to be able to reserve a place at the university without leaving home – wherever that is!

Quick facts

  • The admissions process is conducted entirely online, to make it as simple and accessible as possible for all international applicants
  • CEU Valencia does not charge for the administration of the admissions process: starting the process is free of charge and puts you under no obligation
  • Applicants can state their study preferences at the time of applying for admission: a single process with a variety of options to make things quick and simple
  • The admissions process for international students opens in November each year

A personalized service

  • Each applicant receives personalized alerts via email, SMS or WhatsApp
  • Our international admissions team informs all candidates of the steps they need to take, the relevant deadlines and the documents they need to submit for a successful application
  • Applicants can also post queries, tell us about problems and get to know other prospective students via social media
  • After admission to the University, new students can then use the services which form part of the Hospitality Pack.

About our applicants

  • Every year, more than 1500 people from abroad apply for admission to one of our CEU Valencia undergraduate programmes.
  • As far as is possible, we try to personalize the process to suit each applicant, by taking into the account the dates of publication of grades or the administrative requirements of their country of origin.
  • Every first-year international student can undertake a free intensive Spanish course prior to the opening of the academic year

Some programmes have specific admissions requirements

We try to make the admissions process as pain-free as possible, but certain programmes have particular requirements, such as different deadlines for applications or the need to carry out an extra step. For this reason, we recommend that you study the section of the website that is devoted exclusively to the international admissions process.  If there’s anything you’re not sure about – get in touch!

  • Click here for more information on the international admissions process
  • From September to June: you can view the University’s academic calendar here

Three campuses on the Mediterranean coast

The CEU Cardenal Herrera University has a campus in Valencia (Moncada-Alfara del Patriarca), in Elche and in Castellón. Some programmes are taught on all three campuses, some on two, and others only on one. The information provided on each study programme includes which campuses it is taught on. There are 5000 students on campus in Valencia (Moncada-Alfara del Patriarca), around 1500 in Elche and 1300 in Castellón.

Each campus possesses its own specific advanced learning facilities. These enable students to learn in an innovative way, via the simulation of real scenarios that they will face during professional practice.

View our campuses

The University has campuses in Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia), Elche and Castellón. Wherever our students are from, in the end they see their campus as their second home.

Why not come and meet us?

The University can offer your son or daughter hundreds of opportunities to develop their skills, inside and outside of lectures, as we can offer cutting-edge laboratories, innovative facilities, and spaces to relax and spend leisure time in. Whether they choose to study Journalism, Industrial Design, Nursing or anything else, there’s a place for them here to learn and grow in!

But we also want our students’ parents and family members to taste the CEU experience for themselves. So, why not come and see our campus for yourself? You can go from its heart in Plaza Ágora and then tour all those facilities that your son or daughter will use during their time at the University.

Open Days

Open Days

There are so many ways to get to know our University, even before the Academic Year starts! If you want to get a glimpse of what studying at CEU Valencia feels like or you want to meet our staff, why not join one of our on-campus or virtual events?

Visit us
A souvenir from CEU UCH

A souvenir from CEU UCH

University years are said to be the best of one's life. If you wish to treat yourself or buy something to conmemorate this time at CEU UCH, take a look at our online shop:

Visit our shop

Learn more about university life outside of lectures


We want our students to receive the full, high-quality CEU education experience that will set them on the road to a successful career. But that’s not all. We also want our students to enjoy their time at the University inside and outside of the lecture hall. That’s why we’ve created an initiative we call Campus Life to provide a wealth of opportunities to enable them to get the most out of this experience. This gives them the chance for personal growth through sport, volunteering, special talks and presentations, and our student clubs, covering music, theatre, debating, writing, the stock market, and photography, to name just a few.

If your son or daughter wants to learn take up a new activity or to develop their talent in one area, Campus Life provides them with the opportunity to do so. The experiences on offer on campus ensure that our students get the most out of their time at university. Meeting new people, making friends, and feeling part of the university community will help them to grow as people.

Learn more about university life outside of lectures >>
The time spent at university is an experience in education and in life – and it’s a big turning point for many people. Our University seeks to support students at each key moment of this stage of their lives. This is why we have specialist services available to attend to their needs, and an action plan in place to ensure we provide our students with the right support from day one.

What do we do to make students feel at home at CEU? >>
Apoyo a los estudiantes

Support, help and understanding


The decision of a loved one to study at university, sometimes in a different city or even a different country, can be a major milestone for any family. It is a time of excitement, expectation, change and, to some extent, fear.

That’s why the University has put together a series of resources and services that seek to minimize the impact on the student’s life. Together with the support from the student’s family, we’re sure that this will mean that your son or daughter will feel more confident and motivated. And that will mean that they will adapt more quickly and better to the changes and challenges they face.

At the service of our students and their families

The University is ready to support students at each key moment of this new stage in their lives. And we do this by having specialist services available for each of them:

  • The University Guidance Service (known as SOU): this team of professional guidance counsellors is ready to support students for all their non-academic needs. They can help with personal issues related to settling in at the University, their relationships with their peers, exam nerves, etc.
  • Career Center: the service specializes in helping students find work in Spain and across the world.
  • The Mobility Office: the aim is to present students with a range of options for periods of study abroad or undertaking an international placement. The personalized service provided could end with your son or daughter spending a term a European or American university.
  • The Student Mentoring Programme: this innovative project involves students from later study years providing support and help to new first-years students as they settle in at the University.
  • The Languages Service: a wide range of language training programmes are available to help students improve their skills. Many of these courses are available free of charge exclusively for CEU students.

There’s another important factor in our students’ ability to adapt to their new situations, although it’s not a service the University provides, but something vital that they bring with them from home: their family’s support.

Our experience tells us how important support from the family can be for the academic success of our students. As a family, you are the most specialized service possible. Nobody knows your son or daughter better than you, and nobody has a better relationship with them than you. That’s why at CEU we place great importance on the family’s support.

If you’re wondering how best you can help in the new stage of your son or daughter’s life, we have a few tips for you:

We take confidentiality seriously

  • The General Data Protection Regulation means that we cannot share certain information with family members, unless the student explicitly authorizes us to do so or there is evidence of a legitimate interest by the payer of the tuition fees. Please take this into account when your son or daughter undertakes their enrolment: at that time, they can authorize the University to share academic information with their family members. The student can also choose to do this at a later date if they so wish.
  • Will your son or daughter be a minor when beginning their studies at CEU Valencia? This will be the case if their 18th birthday comes after the beginning of lectures in September. Don’t forget to mention this to the admissions team! By doing so we can ensure measures are put in place to protect minors attending the University.

Data protection: what we can’t do

  • Share information (for example, regarding academic performance) regarding the student without their express authorization, unless the payer of the tuition fees shows a legitimate interest in accessing the information.
  • Facilitate contact with other students or applicants at the University.
  • Contacting students on behalf of family members, except in the case of emergency.
Action protocols

Hello, this is your new home

The experience of living away from home while at university presents a real opportunity for young people to mature and grow as people. If your son or daughter is going to study at the University, but you’re not from the Valencia area, then we can help. We can give you information about student residences and flatshares which might be of interest.

International Student Services

Once our international students have paid the pre-enrolment fee, they can use our Hospitality app. The app enables students to use all the welcome services offered by the University, including help searching for accommodation.


Their world is changing. Yours isn’t.

Look out: change is on the way! If your son or daughter is off to university and is going to be staying away from home, we have ten tips to guide you through this new situation your family will be facing.

10 things to do in Valencia / Castellón / Elche

CEU UCH has campuses in three cities in the region: Valencia, Elche and Castellón. If you’re not from here and you want to know what to do, see and even eat when you’re visiting, then check out the information below for the inside track.

Explore Valencia
Fall in love with Elche
Discover Castellón

Money is important, so we want to be completely clear on this point.

All the funding we receive comes from the fees paid by our students and their families. We don’t receive funding from the state to support our teaching activities. The good thing is that this means we have a lot of freedom to do what we think is best, because no-one is forcing us to do anything in exchange for financial support.

As our funding comes from the families who choose us, we want to be completely clear on what we do with it. So, read on.

The University belongs to a not-for-profit foundation.

That’s why all the money we earn is reinvested in our activities. This means improving our facilities, enhancing the grants we offer and ensuring our staff receive the right training. We are not a private company and there are no shareholders who receive dividends or profits at the end of the year. The University was not set up for to make money – our mission is to provide a service to society and one which we strive to continually improve. That couldn’t happen without money and re-investment of resources.

The price of each academic year is always described in detail.

The total price payable for studying at the University can be broken down into three parts: pre-enrolment, enrolment and tuition fees. All of this information (without any small print) is available, together with the Administrative and Financial Regulations, on the section of the website corresponding to each study programme. So, any person who is interested in the information on our Law or Dentistry programmes can also see a detailed description of the financial information in the same place. The financial information clearly displays the total amount payable, together with a breakdown of where this figure comes from. Of course, if you are unsure about any part of this, we can explain this to you further in person or in writing. We want all our students and their families to be clear about what they will need to pay and when. That clarity also extends to explaining the withdrawal process and the stopping of any further payments.

If a solution exists, there’s no need to withdraw.

If a family comes to us with news of unexpected circumstances which may affect their ability to comply with the payment calendar, then we try to find a solution. It may be that some payments can be delayed, or the sequence of the initial payment calendar can be changed, or we can investigate whether there are any grants available. We always try to do everything possible to find a solution for each family. We can’t promise that there’ll always be one, but we’ll try our hardest and, most of the time, by working with each family an answer to the problem can be found.

25% more in 20-21


We understand that many of our students are facing a very challenging time. For this reason, for the next academic year we are increasing our grant and financial support budget by 25%. And this means more grants, more financial aid and more options for our students, both current and future.

At this difficult time, we want to ensure that our students continue to receive excellent education.

More information about Grant Programmes

If you’d like to view the tuition fees payable for a particular study programme, then first select the CEU UCH campus (Valencia / Elche / Castellón) you want and then the programme you are interested in.

Our fees allow us to maintain a high level of quality in our academic offer, as well as to invest in new facilities and equipment. Don’t forget to take a look at the grants and scholarships made available by the San Pablo CEU University Foundation!

Academic Fee
Student Fees for 1st Year Undergraduates - Valencia 2024/25
Academic Fee
Student Fees for 1st Year Undergraduates - Elche 2024/25
Academic Fee
Student Fees for 1st Year Undergraduates - Castellón 2024/25

Key student fee information



This is payable on admission to the University for the first time, and then again every year between June and August.



This is payable during the second half of September, except in the case of bilingual Bachelor’s Degrees or those which are completely taught in English.



Every month from October to June (9 payments)


In the case of bilingual Bachelor’s Degrees or those which are taught entirely in English, the place reservation fee and the registration fee are jointly payable at the time of admission.
New students who are not resident in Spain must also pay the fee corresponding to the Hospitality Pack (600 euros) at the time of admission, enabling them to use the welcome services which this includes.

Let’s take our Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication as an example.
The total annual cost is 8140 euros, which can be broken down into payments of three types.




The first payment to be made is the place reservation fee: 700 euros. If you are an international student, you will pay the place reservation fee and the hospitality pack fee together = €700 + €600.

The second payment is the registration fee. The amount payable is €1500.

Each monthly payment for the tuition fees is €680.

Even after graduating from CEU, you’re still a part of CEU.

CEU graduates possess the education and training they need to take on the challenges of the real world and to start building their future without fear. Our graduate employment rate, according to the latest study carried out by the independent market research company GFK, is around 73% for our Bachelor’s Degrees. That means that 73% of our graduates are in work 18 months after finishing their studies. It’s a good figure, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels: we’re determined to improve it. 100% of CEU graduates in Pharmacy and Industrial Design find work after graduating.

100% of CEU graduates in Pharmacy and Industrial Design find work after graduating.

100% of CEU graduates in Pharmacy and Industrial Design find work after graduating.

More than 85% of our graduates in Law, Political Science, Marketing, and Medicine are in work.

Our programmes in Audiovisual Communication, Business Management, Primary Education, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Marketing, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Architecture have a 75% employment rate..

After graduating, there are many ways to further improve employability. Before or after graduation, we recommend students make an appointment with our Careers Service or with the University Guidance Service. But some basic pointers would be:

1. To get some work experience

It doesn’t have to be definitive or the dream job, but it’s a necessary step on the road to where we all want to go. For more information, learn more about our Career Center

2. Take the leap and try a period abroad

There are opportunities for people with the right skills across the world for those brave enough to take the leap.

3. Specialize

Becoming expert in a particular area via a postgraduate programme is an excellent way of boosting the appeal of a CV.

Whatever the approach taken and whatever our graduates need, they know that CEU will be there to support them.The Alumni CEU group is open to the more than 300,000 people who have studied at a CEU institution. This means that all our graduates form part of a national and international network of potential contacts who they can reach out to.

They’ve already taken the leap.

Goiko Llobet Creative and unclassifiable
Javier Gómez Tax expert in Switzerland
Hugo Doménech From CEU to Hollywood
Amparo Plaza Making leaders
Pablo Rubio Leading a team
Juan José Canós On prizes and projects
Adrián Salvador Making works of art
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