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Know who you are to be who you are

The two essential, most valuable components of a university are those who know and those who want to know: the lecturers and the students. Education and the desire to know is what brings them together and what distinguishes them is that they are at different stages of life. Some are older, the others younger. But the usual pattern of things is inverted at university, for it is the older ones, the lecturers, who are here to serve the needs of the young.

A look to the past to build the future

Pensar la Universidad hoy ("Rethinking Today's University") is a series of lectures reflecting on what a university is and what its mission should be in today's society. The essence of this initiative, led by the Rector's Office, is to encourage debate on the university's role in the comprehensive education of the person.

We're ninety!

CEU has now reached a true landmark and can start turning its thoughts towards its centenary celebrations. The Centro de Estudios Universitarios – CEU – opened its doors to its first students in 1933. The institution started small and has kept on growing, expanding from its beginnings in Madrid to ten cities across Spain, going from providing university teaching only to education at every stage of life.

Maybe no-one knows

no-one knows