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This is the beginning of a new academic year. In the upcoming months we will keep working to offer our students a global, innovative and socially engaged university experience. We are excited to be back and look forward to welcoming you to CEU. Once again, we are returning to class.

Socially responsible organizations

No one disputes that football has transcended the sports sphere and that, as a social phenomenon, it reaches many other fields: economy, culture, media, business, education and even urban planning.

Spain, a ten out of ten

When our international students arrive in Spain they discover a relaxed way of life and a welcoming and passionate society that makes the most of sport, culture and social life. Warning: if you come to study in our country, you will probably not want to leave anymore.

Why not?

It is not a question

Why Not? It is the how we see the world. How we question the way things actually are. Why Not? These two words help us cross frontiers. See the world through other eyes. The right question today is not Why? but Why Not?

45 years of experience as a pioneer University
+45 years of experience as a pioneer University
+70 countries represented in a global campus
+90 countries represented in a global campus
+6000 placement agreements
+6500 placement agreements
No1 private institution in grants
No1 private institution in grants
Maybe no-one knows

no-one knows