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official title Grado en Veterinaria
duration / ECTS 5 years / 300 ECTS
places / campus -- / Moncada - Alfara
teaching languages English and Spanish
learning outcomes Competences

English (3 first semesters) & Spanish. Our students receive Spanish training for free.

transversal competences

The degree provides a program of competences related to the employability and entrepreneurship.

academic fee and finance

See also the tuition fees of this degree. The San Pablo CEU University Foundation is the educational institution that allocate more money in Spain for investment in scholarships and grants.


The only EAEVE-accredited faculty of a private university in Spain or Europe

What makes us different?

1. Experience and international recognition

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University CEU Cardenal Herrera has been training professionals in the field of Veterinary for more than 20 years.

Our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is member of the EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education). The EAEVE is the institution that brings together the best faculties and universities in this field in Europe. This institution assesses faculties across the continent through highly demanding evaluation procedures and it awards a certification to those exceeding international quality standards.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University CEU Cardenal Herrera has successfully passed the two evaluation standards by the EAEVE, and has therefore obtained its "Full Accreditation", a high level European Quality Accreditation Certificate. Among the over 100 Faculties of Veterinary Medicine existing across Europe, only 17 have been awarded this level of excellence and quality recognition. That is why this recognition places the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University CEU Cardenal Herrera among the best and most recognized in Europe, and not only because we say so, but because it is accredited by the EAEVE.


Logotipo EAEVE

Being accredited by the EAEVE means that the Veterinary studies taught in our Faculty meet the highest quality standards established by the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Union.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of CEU UCH is also a member of the IVSA (International Veterinary Student Association).

2. The international vocation

In our classes coexist and live students from several countries & nationalities. It is the only Veterinary Faculty in Spain (and few among Europe) with three international lines of degree: Spanish, French & English.

3. The facilities

Because from the very first day you will have access to the Clinical Veterinary Hospital and with its facilities you will be able to advance your knowledge, study incoming cases and also actively participate in the 24-hour guard duty of the Hospital Services. Furthermore, you will have access to the Teaching and Research Farm where you will be participate in practical clinics with larger animals, such as horses and cows, as well as practical work related to the management of animals and the ethnology and reproduction in goats, sheep, rabbits, birds, dogs and cats. You will be participating in an innovative training programme which integrates academic learning with the acquiring of professional veterinary skills.

The Clinical Veterinary Hospital

The Clinical Veterinary Hospital at Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera is open to the public and offers services from preventative medicine to consultations relating to all clinical specialties. Moreover, its emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is operated by staff trained in emergency veterinary medicine. The students of Veterinary Sciences acquire their practical clinical training by actively participating in all services alongside specialized professionals, who are themselves teachers at the University. With the equipment and degree of specialization of our Veterinary professionals, the Clinical Veterinary Hospital CEU is a pioneering establishment in Spain. We count on our specialists.

The Teaching and Research Farm

Through its facilities, various species of animals can be reunited and students of Veterinary Sciences can participate in practical classes handling and examining horses and livestock. Practical classes are held from the first year and gradually become more advanced as the course progresses. Moreover, these facilities can be used for research purposes, developing projects of great interest for both national and international companies.

4. The practices

More than 1000 placements for external work experience with more than 400 professionals to provide tutorage. Among the work experience placements we have signed agreements with Bioparc and L'Oceanogràfic for personalized clinical and non-clinical training of small groups.

What I am going to learn?

The curriculum firstly concentrates on the learning of basic disciplines but then becomes more advanced focusing on ways to ensure the health of animals and humans based on expert studies. For this, as well as through theoretical and practical classes in the University facilities - laboratories, the Teaching Farm, the Clinical Veterinary Hospital - you also will undertake external placements in veterinary clinics, food companies, slaughterhouses, production farms, wildlife recovery centres and zoos, therefore providing you with various contacts in the Veterinary profession.


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Final Year Project

The TFG involves students completing their own original research projects that include and expand upon on topics studied on the course and require students to use the skills and abilities they have acquired throughout their degree. The aim of the dissertation is to teach students how to look for, structure, organise and evaluate relevant information in order to help them develop their own opinions, including how to approach topics with a social, scientific, technological or ethical nature, and how to develop their own thoughts, criticisms and logical and creative judgments.

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Visiting Professors

No professors asigned to this degree.

Guided Internships

Mandatory Internships

Voluntary Internships

  • Standards for voluntary internships.

Leading Companies


Are you interested in taking part in a mobility exchange during the academic year 2017/18 under the Erasmus+ scheme?

Download the following documents to obtain information on the programme, language tests and recognized language certificates:

For further information, please contact our Mobility Office at

Calendar and timetable


academic calendar

  • academic calendar 2017/2018

Exam Calendar in Moncada - Alfara

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Moncada - Alfara


Quality & Standards

Memory and reports


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renewal report

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Survey results

Evaluation reports of student satisfaction, PAS and PDI on different aspects of the degree, allow to gather information to identify key strengths and weaknesses of the title and provide relevant data to define improvement plans.

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{{nombre_grado}} is revised and updated in order to maintain its high quality. Therefore:

We carry out a Monitoring Report of our degrees each year and evaluate them through the Valencian Agency AVAP (Agència Valenciana d'Avaluació i Prospectiva) twice a year.
We actively participate in an Internal University Quality Guarantee System, which shows what we are doing well as well as where we can improve and monitor our courses.

Monitoring reports

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Annual reports SGIC

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  • Normativa de permanencia para titulaciones de Grado
  • Sistema de evaluación continua de la CEU-UCH
  • Normativa general para trabajos fin de Grado (TFG) y trabajos fin de Máster (TFM)
  • Regulatory Framework of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University for Practicum in Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees
  • Regulations on the credit transfer and recognition system at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera
  • Normativa sobre Enseñanzas Propias y Formación Permanente de la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera
  • Reglamento para el reconocimiento académico en créditos ECTS por la participación en actividades culturales, deportivas, de representación estudiantil, solidarias y de cooperación en los títulos de Grado
  • Normativa de compensación de calificaciones de la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera
  • Gestión Programa Erasmus Alumnos de Grado
  • Seventh and last examination opportunity – Proceedings