The International Relations Service

The International Relations Service at University CEU Cardenal Herrera reports directly to the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization and therefore, to its Vice-Rector Mr. Alfonso Díaz Segura..


If you want to study one of our degrees, please contact our admissions team at: admission.en@uchceu.es / admission.fr@uchceu.es / admision.es@uchceu.es

If you are an ecxhange student or you would like to study with us under a mobility scheme, please contact us at: incoming@uchceu.es

International Relations Coordinators

In addition, the service has International Coordinators in each of its faculties (including the Center of Elche and Castellón). The coordinators are responsible for the international expansion of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

Veterinary Faculty Coordinator Mª Estrella Jiménez
Health Sciences Faculty International Coordinator Vicente Rodilla
Health Sciences Faculty International Coordinator (Associate) Maria Amparo Vila
Arts and Communication Faculty International Coordinator Manuel Millán
Law, Business and Politics Faculty International Coordinator Susana Sanz
Technical School of Engineering International Coordinator Andrés Ros Campos
Center of Elche International Coordinator Linda Palfreeman
Center of Castellón International Coordinator Beatriz Lores

Erasmus and Latin America Coordinators

International Relations manages exchange programs within Europe (Erasmus) and in Latin America.
The Erasmus coordinators are involved in the academic management of Erasmus students who choose to study in another European university for a semester or a full course

Law, Political Sciences Erasmus Coordinator Leopodo García
Journalism Erasmus Coordinator José Solves
Advertising and Public Relations Erasmus Coordinator María Puchalt
Childhood and Primary Education Studies Erasmus Coordinator María Candelaria Romeu
Audiovisual Communication Erasmus Coordinator Begoña Siles
Business Administration and Marketing Erasmus Coordinator (Campus Valencia) Francisco Suay
Business Administration and Marketing Erasmus Coordinator (Campus Elche) Ana Isabel Mateos
Pharmacy Erasmus Coordinator María Miranda
I.T. Industrial Design Erasmus Coordinator Borja García
Veterinary Erasmus Coordinator Deborah Chicharro
Nursing Erasmus Coordinator María Inmaculada Sánchez
Physiotherapy Erasmus Coordinator Vicent Benavent
Architecture Erasmus Coordinator Andrés Ros Campos
Medical Erasmus Coordinator Mª Amparo López
Dentistry Erasmus Coordinator Chirag Sheth

The Language Service department works closely with the International Relations Office and offers Spanish courses for foreign students who choose to study at our university.

The International Relations Office will help you with the procedures to study at the University. Accommodation, subjects, academic calendar, university services, useful information about Valencia and much more.

If you are an international student interested in studying one of our degrees, you can get in touch with us by telephone or e-mail at admission.en@uchceu.es

If you are an exchange student who would like to study a semester or a full academic year at our university, please contact our Mobility Office:

CEU Cardenal Herrera University
International Relations Office
Incoming Coordinator
C/ Luis Vives, 1
46115 Alfara del Patriarca (Spain)
Telephone: +34 96 136 90 49
Mo-Fri 10:00-13:00h and Wed-Thu 15:30-17:00h
E-mail: incoming@uchceu.es

Application Procedure

As for our procedure, we look forward to receiving the nomination of students until April 27 for the 1st semester and until October 31st for the second semester. We will then get in contact with them by email, in which we will send the link below and a personal code so that they can register online and upload the requested documents:

The application deadlines are:

  • Full academic Year: May 31
  • First semester: May 31
  • Second semester:  November 30

1. Student Information

The coordinator of the Home University must send an e-mail to nominate the student to: incoming@uchceu.es

Including the following details:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Study programme
  • Period of stay (Semester 1, Semester 2, full Academic year)
  • Identity Card / Passport

Please consult our:

2. Online Application

The incoming student can get access to the online system only after sending the documents stated in the previous section. The Erasmus coordinator of our university will study the Learning Agreement of the student and once they approved it, the International Relations Office will issue an access code. This process can take a couple of days after the reception of the Learning Agreement.

Once received the online Access code, the student must click on the below form and fill in the required data:


  • Full academic Year:May 31
  • First semester: May 31
  • Second semester: November 30

3. Documents

The requested documents should be sent in PDF format and are the following:

4. Contact Details

University CEU Cardenal Herrera,
Mobility Office.
C/ Luis Vives 1, 45115
Alfara del Patriarca Spain
Tel.: +34 96169000 Email: incoming@uchceu.es


When will I receive information from CEU Cardenal Herrera University?

After receiving your application, we will send you instructions and/or confirmation of your admission. After the application deadline, we will send you an Info-Pack with all the information regarding academic offer, contact details of your academic coordinator, accommodation in Valencia, general information etc.

What are the start and end dates of each semester?

Approximate Dates

  • Semester 1: start of September until end of February
  • Semester 2: start of February until mid-June

When applying for a visa, please keep in mind that the final exams including re-sits are scheduled between mid-June and mid-July 2017.

What do I have to do when I arrive to Valencia?

A week prior to the start of the teaching period, there will be a Welcome Day during which we will explain all steps that you need to take during the following days as well as the functioning of the university and we will also show you the facilities.

Where will I study?

CEU Cardenal Herrera University has three different campuses in Valencia, Castellón and Elche. Depending on your study programme, you will choose your campus in the online application.

Is CEU Cardenal Herrera University responsible for finding my accommodation?

The International Relations Office is NOT responsible for finding accommodation for the exchange students due to not disposing of its own halls of residence. It is therefore the student's own responsibility to find accommodation.

Where can I find the International Relations Office?

To register after the Welcome Day or if you have any doubts, you can find us at the ground floor of the Campos Górriz de Alfara del Patriarca building. To find your way, please consult the map.

Opening hours for public from September to June:

  • For Erasmus+ Incoming students: Monday from 15h00 to 17h00 and Thursday from 10h00 to 12h00
  • For general matters: Friday from 10h00 to 12h00

Read here our:

Staff Mobility

If you are a staff member of a University that has a bilateral Erasmus Agreement with CEU Cardenal Herrera University, willing to spend a one week period with us in one of our departments, you can contact incoming@uchceu.es and we will do our utmost to welcome you at our University.

Teacher Mobility

If you are a teacher from a University that has a bilateral Erasmus Agreement with CEU Cardenal Herrera University, willing to perform an exchange for at least 8 hours of classes at our University you will have to contact the Erasmus coordinator responsible for the area you are teaching.

Law, Political Sciences Erasmus Coordinator Susana Sanz
Journalism Erasmus Coordinator José Solves
Advertising and Public Relations Erasmus Coordinator José Martínez Saez
Childhood and Primary Education Studies Erasmus Coordinator Ana Gloria Reig
Audiovisual Communication Erasmus Coordinator Begoña Siles
Business Administration Erasmus Coordinator Ana Isabel Mateos
Marketing Erasmus Coordinator Francisco Suay
Pharmacy Erasmus Coordinator María Miranda
I.T. Industrial Design Erasmus Coordinator Lucia Hilario
Computer Engineering Erasmus Coordinator Nuria Rosillo
Veterinary Erasmus Coordinator Mª Teresa Balastegui
Nursing Erasmus Coordinator Samuel Asensio
Physiotherapy Erasmus Coordinator Vicent Benavent
Architecture Erasmus Coordinator Alfonso Díaz
Medical Erasmus Coordinator Mª Amparo López
Dentistry Erasmus Coordinator Chirag Sheth

CEU Cardenal Herrera University trains professionals in a variety of different academic areas.

We give our students the opportunity to carry out placements in foreign companies. We are convinced that the practical training of students is essential to become a true professional. If practical training is carried out in a foreign country, students also acquire other skills that will make them more competitive in the future. This is why the University encourages our students to go abroad and offer them internships from 1 to 9 months.

Students can complete their internships within the Erasmus framework (minimum three months and only in European countries) or doing voluntary practices (can be done outside of Europe and there is no minimum period).

The International Office helps students to find companies who would like to offer interships. Once a company is found, we create a work plan for the student and the company and explained how to integrate the student in to their work team. In addition the student will come with his own accident insurance contracts and liability coverage and health care in the host country during the period in which they complete with work experience.

Companies that have hosted our students have always wanted to repeat this experience, and we work with them on a ongoing basis. If you are interested in receiving students as interns for your company, please contact us by sending the application form for internships. Take a look at the degrees offered at CEU-UCH.

For more information: internationalstudent@uchceu.es


The CEU Cardenal Herrera University offers the possibility of bilateral agreements using the Erasmus program with several universities in Europe as well other agreements with universities around the world, in all types of degrees using the Marco agreements.

These agreements allow the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff of both universities.

STUDENTS: The University encourages mobility among our students by offering overseas study periods between 3 and 12 months, validated through a system of credit recognition, using the subjects passed within the host university.

TEACHERS: In addition the University encourages all teachers to be awarded mobility abroad to enable them to teach their subjects in other universities both in Europe and around the world.

ADMINISTRATION & SERVICES STAFF: In addition all members of the administrative and service staff can conduct a training placement in both partner institutions and in companies to allow further improvement in their jobs.

The International Office helps both students and staff members of the University to manage these mobilities.

If you are interested in creating a student exchange agreement, teachers or administrative staff for study visits or provide teaching lessons, please contact us.

For more information: infoint@uchceu.es

As our international community continues to grow, with students at the University now coming from more than 70 different countries, one of our greatest challenges is making everyone feel at home. We want to give you the best support possible, which is why the University has now created “International Student Services", bringing together all the services aimed at foreign students at the University. Take advantage and enjoy your CEU experience to the full!


To help you with all the arrangements international students need to make before coming to Spain, our International Relations Office has put together an exclusive package of services which will make settling in to your home much easier.

Immediately after you reserve your place at the University, you will be able to access an online application with which you can administer all the services you need, at the moment you need them: support in your search for accommodation, opening a Spanish bank account or arranging the documentation you need to be legally resident in Spain.

But that’s not all! Do you need a Spanish telephone number? Do you want us to pick you up from the airport? Would you like to get private health insurance for the first few months of your stay?

Find out about all the services we can offer you before you even arrive in Spain: all you’ll need to do is pack your suitcase!

> If you want to get in touch with us and find out more about these services, write to us at hospitality@uchceu.es

Administrative support services

Our administrative support services can provide you with information, answer specific queries and assist you with academic or residency documentation that you may need while studying at CEU UCH: if you need to renew your NIE ID number or update your information on the municipal register (padrón municipal), or you need assistance filling in any official form, then we’ll be ready to help you.

Come and see us at the Hospitality Office during opening hours: we’ll be delighted to help you with whatever you need!