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Welcome to the International Relations Office. Whether you are interested in studying with us, or if you want to spend a period studying at another university, we have all the information you need.

We are charged with implementing the University’s internationalization strategy. To do this, we work together with the faculties and other university services to search for new international learning opportunities and experiences, for our students, for our lecturers, for our researchers – and for visiting students!

Fancy studying abroad for a year? Come to Spain!


Spain is one of the top Erasmus+ destinations for students from all over Europe. And not just for students from Europe: CEU UCH also participates in many exchange programmes that bring students here from all over the world.

You might be in Warsaw, Milan or Quito, but if you are considering CEU UCH as a destination for your international experience, take a moment to learn more about what you have to do make that a reality. Questions? Send us a message a [email protected]. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Would you like to graduate from our university?

Over 31% of the students who study with us are not Spanish. They come from Sweden, the United States, Peru, Morocco, France and many more! We have 2.500 international students learning and experiencing university life on our campus every day!

¿Quieres graduarte en nuestra universidad?

If you want to join our international community and study your entire university degree at our university, it is very easy: you just have to choose the degree that best suits your interests and follow the international admission process. This is a process tailored to students who are not resident in Spain, and it can be carried out entirely online with the support of our team of multilingual advisors.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] so that we can tell you about of all the advantages of studying at an international university.

Meet the international coordinators

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Coordinator Esther Orient
Jordi López
Faculty of Health Sciences Coordinator Marina Pascual
Consuelo Rubio
Faculty of the Humanities and Communication Sciences Coordinator Manuel Millán
Faculty of Law, Business and Politics Faculty Coordinator Susana Sanz
School of Design, Architecture and Engineering (ESET) Coordinator Andrés Ros Campos
Elche Campus Coordinator Francisco Javier Molina
Castellón Campus Coordinator Ruzan Galstyan

Are you studying here and need our help?

¿Cursas tus estudios aquí y necesitas de nuestra ayuda?

One of our biggest challenges is to make you feel at home. And this, in a community with students of more than 90 different nationalities, sometimes means providing a helping hand with some quite complex administrative procedures.

At International Student Services, you can get all the information you need to help you with procedures such as the renewal of your residence permit or issues related to your academic records. Come to our office (on the Valencia campus) or email us at [email protected]: we will be happy to advise you!

Do you want to collaborate with our university?

¿Quieres colaborar con nuestra universidad?

In addition to helping international and exchange students, the International Relations Office also works to raise CEU UCH's profile across the world. If you belong to a higher education institution and want to explore ways of collaborating with our university, such as mobility agreements or other types of international projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for the best destination for your mobility programme?

Our university is an innovative, modern institution with an international outlook.

Our main campus is located in Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, on the shores of the Mediterranean. It is a fun, dynamic city with a rich cultural life – making it an ideal student destination. It is no surprise that Valencia is one of the top destinations for European students looking to study abroad.

There are more than 7000 students on our Valencia, Elche and Castellón campuses: CEU UCH is the perfect environment for your professional and personal development.

Your Erasmus+ with us

Add a plus to your university education and study abroad at CEU UCH. Here’s how!

The European Union’s Erasmus+ programme offers university students opportunities to develop their skills and gain new experiences in educational institutions in other countries.

If you want to study abroad with us via the Erasmus+, programme, please note that you must meet some eligibility conditions:

  • You must be enrolled at one of the institutions with which we have a collaboration agreement.
  • If you are not a native speaker of Spanish or English, you must have a certificate showing that you have at least a B2 level of Spanish or English, depending on the language of instruction of the courses you want to take.
  • You must have all the required supporting documents, such as a passport, medical insurance, your Learning Agreement and a visa (for non-EU students).
  • Make your application before the relevant deadline: first semester (deadline: May), second semester (deadline: November), full academic year (deadline: May).

What to do then if you want to study abroad with us? It is very simple: just follow these steps!


Ask for information at your home university

First of all, we recommend that you check with the International Relations Office or the Student Exchange Service at your university about the procedures and deadlines related to applying for a period of study abroad.


Get nominated

Next, your university must officially nominate you and, for this, the international coordinator must contact us at [email protected] to provide us with information such as: your name and surname, e-mail address, degree, period of stay and the Learning Agreement.


Online registration

Once we have received your nomination, we will contact you so that you can register on our online platform.


Supporting documents and decisions

At this stage, you must upload the following documents to our platform: a copy of your passport, medical insurance, a completed and signed Learning Agreement, an official language certificate and visa (if you are not an EU student).

Then, wait for a decision to be made regarding your application and, finally, when you receive a letter of acceptance from our university, you can come to CEU UCH as an Erasmus+ student!

If you need more information, contact our team or the Erasmus+ coordinator of the degree you want to study.

Meet our Erasmus+ coordinators

Journalism Erasmus+ Coordinator Josep Solves
Advertising and Public Relations Erasmus+ Coordinator María Puchalt
Audiovisual Communication Erasmus+ Coordinator Begoña Siles
Early Years and Primary Education Erasmus+ Coordinator Ana Gloria Reig
Early Years and Primary Education Erasmus+ Coordinator (Castellon) Ruzan Galstyan
Law and Political Science Erasmus+ Coordinator (Valencia) Blanca Nicasio
Business Management Erasmus+ Coordinator (Valencia) Desamparados Lluch Tormos
Business Management Erasmus+ Coordinator (Elche) Valentín Gallart Camahort
Marketing Erasmus+ Coordinator (Valencia) Miquel Vicent Boix Domingo
Architecture Erasmus+ Coordinator Andrés Ros Campos
Industrial Design Erasmus+ Coordinator Paula Aloy
Nursing Erasmus+ Coordinator (Valencia) María Inmaculada Sánchez López
Nursing Erasmus+ Coordinator (Castellón) Lidia Ibáñez Torres
Nursing Erasmus+ Coordinator (Elche) Vanesa Escudero Ortiz
Physiotherapy Erasmus+ Coordinator (Valencia) Isabel Martínez Hurtado
Physiotherapy Erasmus+ Coordinator (Elche) Vanesa Escudero Ortiz
Pharmacy Erasmus+ Coordinator Consuelo Rubio Guerri
Dentistry Erasmus+ Coordinator María Inmaculada Lloria Benet
Medicine Erasmus+ Coordinator (Valencia) Paloma Guillem Llobat
Medicine Erasmus+ Coordinator (Castellón) Lidia Ibánez Torres
Veterinary Erasmus+ Coordinator Laura Montoro

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With us, the world is your oyster

As a CEU UCH student you can benefit from a large number of programmes that enable you o study at other universities or even to carry out internships abroad.

The advantages of adding this kind of international experience to your curriculum are many and they are not only at academical level: in addition to learning a new language, you will meet new cultures, develop your independence and enrich your professional profile.

Study abroad and gain work experience in Spain, Europe and across the world

Yes, I want to study in another university

Studying for a period at another university will allow you to experience a different study system, gain new perspectives on your subject and put your ability to adapt to the test.

Check your university e-mail regularly, as you will periodically receive detailed information about the universities you can visit as an exchange student, together with all the relevant dates, requirements and documents you need to support an application for different programmes.

Make sure you are following the university's social networks, as we use them to regularly report on events and deadlines for applications, and to post important reminders.

Study within Spain with the SICUE programme

SICUE is not a grant programme but an exchange system between Spanish universities. This means that you can undertake part of your degree at another Spanish university. So, if you are interested in an exchange within the Spanish territory, keep an eye out for announcements!

See a list of our partner universities and the conditions for this mobility programme

Study abroad with the Erasmus+ programme for students

CEU UCH has participated in the Erasmus+ mobility programme for many years and collaborates closely with universities around the world to encourage student internationalization. With this programme, you can study for a semester or even an entire year at one of our partner universities, while only paying the fees for CEU UCH.

If you want to take advantage of this unique educational and cultural experience, the first step is to find out the application requirements and the supporting documents you will need, regarding both your degree and your language skills. To find out more, go to the Mobility tab on section of the website dedicated to your degree, where you can find out about:

  • Possible destinations for Erasmus+ students
  • Required documents before, during and after participation in a mobility programme
  • Language requirements
  • Key dates and deadlines for applications

If you have questions about the Erasmus+ programme, contact our team or Erasmus coordinator for your degree.

In Latin America with the Santander Iberoamérica programme

This programme is perfect if you are looking for an experience in a country with a similar culture and language to Spain. In fact, one of the aims of this programme is to strengthen the relationship between Spanish and Latin American universities, such as those in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. You could even go to the country next door: Portugal!

There is usually a single annual period for Santander Iberoamérica grant applications, and the grants are usually for a six-month period.

Yes, I want to do a placement abroad

Perhaps you are interested in doing a placement abroad to enrich your profile with some professional experience in an international environment. If this is you, then there are many options available to you for placements at international companies, organizations or even educational institutions around the world.

Gain experience with Erasmus+ placements

If you are enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at CEU UCH and want to do a placement of between two and twelve months at an organization located in one of the partner countries of the Erasmus+ programme, this is your opportunity!

Those undertaking an Erasmus+ placement receive a grant (up to a maximum of three months) while gaining professional experience in an international company or institution.

To participate, the first thing to do is to contact your academic coordinator, who will guide you and tell you the next steps to follow. If you have any questions about the procedure, simply send a message to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

Other international placement programmes

There are different Spanish and international organizations that offer the possibility, to students and graduates, to carry out internships outside the Erasmus+ framework. In order to submit your application, it will be essential for the university to enter a private internship agreement with the host institution. You will only have to send us this model agreement and the annex duly completed to [email protected], and there are no deadlines for it!

If you want to explore other alternatives to take your first steps in the professional world, we encourage you to contact our Careers Service.

Disney International Program


The DISNEY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM for Advertising and Public Relations and Marketing students is the result of an exclusive agreement between the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

With this programme, students can gain the Applied Management for Hospitality and Tourism Certificate from UCR (30 ECTS credits) and undertake a paid placement at the Walt Disney World Resort (via the Riverside Disney College Program).

  • Two week stay in southern California.
  • Paid placement on the Disney Academic Exchange Program.
  • Work on the front line at the Walt Disney World theme park and tourist facilities.
  • Take part in training courses and professional development at the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • To have completed at least one study year at the University.
  • To pass the personal selection interview.
  • B2 level of English

Jordi Lopez Ramon, DVM PhD CertAqV
Deputy Vice-Rector for Internationalization and University Life

If you are interested in embarking on this international adventure, our Mobility team can advise you on everything you need: current programmes, supporting documents for applications, deadlines, available destinations, or advice to plan your trip. Contact us at [email protected] and we will guide you!