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Sustainable Development Goals

The challenge of meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is for everyone. And universities are institutions which can do so much to raise awareness in this respect.

This is the spirit behind World Watchers – a global event focusing on sustainability, which aims to reach out to every member of the university community and touch on every aspect of university life.

The event will include special lectures and interactive workshops, involving people from right across the university community (lecturers, students, alumni, etc.). Every field of knowledge studied at CEU UCH has its own specific programme of activities on the Valencia, Elche and Castellón campuses.

In addition to the main programme of activities and talks, World Watchers also embraces other events which will also occur between 1st and 5th March 2021:

  • The Digital Challenge concerning the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This is an opportunity for students to contribute their solutions to the sustainability challenges present in our daily lives. The student participants will be organized into teams and use the Design Sprint approach to create and present a project in response to one of the challenges, including sustainable fashion, sustainable architecture, economics, organic products, and the responsible use of medication. A panel of judges will assess the projects submitted and select the best one for each individual challenge. The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 5th March, at 3 pm.
  • International Week. An opportunity for professionals from different European universities to come together and share their sustainability expertise.


Organized by

  • Office of the Vice-Rector for Internationalization


Sustainable Development Goals


These special lectures and talks are open to the public and will take place at CEU UCH’s auditorium on the Valencia Campus, the Paraninfo. We will shortly post the form you need to fill in to sign up for the talks you want to attend, either in person or online.

There are only a limited number of places available for in-person attendance, and so seats will be allocated on the basis of the order of registration. If you choose to attend online, you’ll receive an email with a link to the sessions.

You can see all the activities and special lectures for each degree on the complete programme (the link will go live shortly).

Monday, 1st March

  • 12 noon. Elena Ruiz, Senior Manager, Department of Projects and Services at Forética. "La Agenda 2030: la guía global hacia un desarrollo sostenible". In Spanish.
  • 1 pm. Susana Posada, Sustainability and Corporate Communications, Leroy Merlín. "De la RSE al negocio responsable". In Spanish.

Tuesday, 2nd March

  • 9:30 am. Cristina Poveda, Director of Communications and Fundraising at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). In Spanish.
  • 11 am. Adoración Guamán Hernández, Director General of Institutional Coordination for the Office of the Second Vice President of the Valencian regional government, and Alberto Rubio Garrido, Director General of Quality, Rehabilitation and Energy Efficiency, part of the Office the Second Vice-President and the Department for Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture. In Spanish.
  • 12 noon. CEU Women Tech. In Spanish.
  • 6:30 pm. Edu Grau, cinematographer. "Jugando entre los peces gordos de Hollywood". In Spanish.

Wednesday, 3rd March

  • 10 am. Andreas Fahlman, Researcher at Oceanográfic. "Cetacean Conservation Physiology: recent advances from technological innovations". In English.
  • 11 am. Amelia Navarro Arcas, Aguas del Arco Mediterráneo. In Spanish
  • 12 noon. Margarita Albors, Socialnest. "Emprender para un futuro mejor". In Spanish.
  • 3 pm. Screening and discussion of Luis G. Berlanga’s Vivan los novios. Cátedra García Berlanga. In Spanish.

Thursday 4th March

  • 12 noon. Sergi Ferrer-Salat, Chairman of Ferrer. "El empresario y la sociedad: una nueva filantropía para el sigo XXI". In Spanish.

Friday, 5th March

  • 10 am. Suso Chulvi, partner at Esferic Better Things. "Mariposas positivas". In Spanish
  • 11 am. Isabel Garro, founding partner of 3a4b. Former Director of the United Nations Global Compact Network in Spain and Special Adviser to the Spanish Government’s High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda. In Spanish.
  • 12 noon. Paloma Durán Lalaguna, Head of Division for Global Partnerships and Policies at the OECD. “No dejar a nadie atrás. Una década para la Agenda 2030”. In English.

Roundtables on policies for the SDGs (Main lecture hall, Luis Campos Górriz building)

Monday, March 1st

  • 17 h. “Global citizens for a global agenda: the SDGs”. José Carlos Ferrer

Tuesday, March 2nd

  • 16 h. Roundtable with civil society representatives:
    - Cristina Arribas Jiménez, Transparencia Internacional
    - Noa de la Torre, Unió de Periodistes

Wednesday, March 3rd

  • 16 h. Roundtable with public institutions:
    - Andrés Gomis Fons, Director General de Transparència, Atenció a la Ciutadania i Bon Govern (Government of the Valencian Community).
    - Elisa Valía, Concejala de Transparencia y Gobierno Abierto (Valencia City Council)
    - Juan Medina Cobo, Concejal de Gobierno Abierto (Quart de Poblet City Council)

Thursday, March 4th

  • 17 h. Roundtable with inspection bodies:
    - Javier Amorós, Subdirector General del Consejo Nacional de Transparencia y Buen Gobierno (Government of Spain)
    - Carlos Flores, Vocal del Consell de Transparència (Government of the Valencian Community).
    - Joan Llinares, Director de la Agència Valenciana Antifrau ((Government of the Valencian Community).