Day after day, everyone in the CEU community plants a seed.
This seed contains the essence of what makes us who we are: a network of knowledge, learning and humanist values.
Each person plants a different seed, but they all have the potential to transform from something small into something truly impressive.

With time, all these seeds will take root and the seedlings will grow strong and bloom as they mature.
And when what was once small has become a leafy tree, it will not matter how high its branches grow, as its roots will always link it back to the original – one planted by a true maestro.

Seeds for change: the podcast about sustainability

Believing in a better future means that we need to sow these seeds of good ideas, so that they can take root as soon as possible. As the Sustainable Development Goals make clear, our commitment to sustainability is crucial if we want to leave a better world to future generations. So, what can each of us do to contribute to this effort?
During each episode of Raíces para el cambio, two experts discuss the key issues in sustainability and what they mean for our lifestyles, our health, the environment, economic systems, and so on.