Students at CEU UCH can gain a degree and a series of personal and professional skills which are highly regarded by employers.

The University certifies these skills with microcredentials, allowing students to easily share their achievement on social media and enable employers to see and verify this.

What is a microcredential?

  • A microcredential is the digital certification of a particular learning outcome, skill, or competency.
  • It provides detailed and valuable information about what the holder is capable of in a professional environment: those who have microcredentials stand out more to employers.
  • A microcredential generates trust, as employers can see how the person has acquired the corresponding skill or competency.
  • Students can gain microcredentials by following specially designed learning pathways designed for each degree. You can find these on our website.
  • At CEU, we issue we issue microcredentials in the form of digital badges,* meaning that they are easy to share and verify.

(*) The University issues digital badges using Open Badge 3.0 technology, from the CEU account on the Canvas Credentials platform.


Our students can also display their possession of 21st century skills, which are organized into six large areas. This microcredential ecosystem is subject to the University's quality assurance system to ensure its continuous improvement. The six areas are:

Rueda microcredenciales
  • Ethical commitment: competencies concerning social awareness, civic responsibility and sensitivity to the environment – developed at the University and certified by it.
  • Research: these competencies concern the application of the scientific method in a specific area, contributing to the progress of society.
  • Instrumental competencies: these are value-added competencies concerning the effective use of information resources, digital skills, and the ability to speak foreign languages.
  • Internacionalization: these are the competencies you will need to operate effectively in today’s globalized workplace.
  • Soft Skills: these are personal skills which go beyond mere knowledge of information. They are what differentiate a top professional from the rest.
  • Being professional: these competencies enable you to operate in a range of different organizational settings and stand out in the job market.

Learning pathways and their benefits

Specific learning pathways are defined for our degrees and consist of a gradual learning journey, in which students can achieve milestones on the way to attaining the final competency. When you complete a learning pathway, you will receive a microcredential, which you can share on social media and show employers that you possess a valuable competency.

The academic supervisors of each degree design these specific learning pathways. The pathways can include badges for 21st century skills, degree courses, learning activities which form part of a course, activities with external partners, awards, etc.

What are the benefits ?

  • Our learning pathways allow you to personalize the learning experience.
  • You will find that achieving a microcredential will motivate you to keep on learning.
  • They enhance your performance as the standard of work required increases the further you go.
  • They encourage learner autonomy and self-regulated learning.
  • And they will strengthen your CV, making you more competitive in the job market.

Raising your profile: you've earned a microcredential - now what?

You can display CEU microcredentials and badges on LinkedIn, on your personal website, on your CV, in your portfolio, or on any digital platform. To do this, you'll need to register on the Canvas Credentials platform.