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At the UCH CEU, we would like to encourage our students to play an active, participative role on campus. To this end, we offer opportunities which can serve to complement what they gain from their lectures, fostering the acquisition of transferable skills, providing a truly valuable university experience and building a sense of belonging to a community.

For example, at the UCH CEU, the students with an interest in journalism write and produce media content; students from degree programmes as varied as Political Science, Physiotherapy and Veterinary Medicine take part in radio programs; students with an aptitude and training in music can become members of the Choir and the Chamber Orchestra; others explore their professional interests by means of activities in which they can network and generate future employment opportunities; those interested in culture can take part in activities such as CEU Art or CEU Theatre; many improve their communication skills at the Debating Forum; other activities are for the purposes of entertainment, or provide opportunities for volunteering and thus to develop the skills necessary for their personal and professional future.   

Until now, all these initiatives have been driven and led by the University, attending to the needs of our students. In the 2015-16 academic year, two students led the creation of the first Model United Nations, creating a new mode of participation in university life.

The University’s aim is now to encourage initiatives which the students themselves propose and lead. To this end, we wish to promote the creation of CEU Cardenal Herrera University Clubs. The aim is for the students themselves to be the leaders and co-ordinators of a variety of cultural, academic, social or sporting initiatives.

The University Clubs will co-exist alongside the university life initiatives which are already established at the University. This will allow other areas of interest to students to be developed. 


What is a CEU Cardenal Herrera University Club?

A Club consists of a group of students who share a particular interest and have presented a relevant proposal which has then been approved and is thus supported by the University.   

What kind of CEU Cardenal Herrera University Clubs can there be?

A Club can concern culture, art, leisure or a hobby of some kind, in areas where the University does not already organize activities. The area of interest must be consistent with the University’s values and respect its regulations.

What is the purpose of the Clubs?

The purpose of the Clubs must be:

  • To build a community, facilitating interaction between students with common interests.  
  • To improve the CEU university experience.
  • To complement the experience gained in the lecture-hall.
  • To serve the University or the community.

Who can propose the creation of a CEU Cardenal Herrera University Club?

Any undergraduate student at the University.

Who can belong to a CEU Cardenal Herrera University Club?

Any undergraduate student at the University.

How many students must a Club have?

At least four undergraduate students at the University.

How can students propose the creation of a CEU Cardenal Herrera University Club?

To propose the creation of a Club the following process must be followed:

  • First of all, the student(s) proposing its creation must study the list of activities offered by the University in the Campus Life section of the University website, in order to check whether their interests are already appropriately covered.  
  • If the proposal for the Club is not an activity already organized by the University and it is respectful and consistent with the University’s values, then students may apply for authorization for its creation.
  • The University will assess the application and decide whether or not to provide authorization.
  • All Clubs must be open to all undergraduate students at the University.
  • In order to apply for the creation of the Club, the Application Form must be filled in and the following information provided:
    • The name of the Club and a brief description of its activity.
    • Objectives and purpose: providing all the information possible about its goals, as well as the monetary commitment needed to achieve the described purpose of the Club.  
    • Plan of proposed activities and financial evaluation if necessary.
    • Definition of the main language(s) for the group: one or more languages.
    • Names of the Club officers: the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer (each Club must have at least two of these officers in order to begin operating).
    • A list of all the members, bearing in mind that there must be at least four students to begin.  
    • Contact information: degree and year, telephone number and email address.

Applications can be made at any time during the academic year and must either be handed into the Campus Life Office (1st floor, Luis Campos Górriz Building (Aulario), in Alfara del Patriarca) or sent by email to  They can also be handed in at the Information Desks.

The Form can be downloaded from the Campus Life section of the University website.  

A Commission delegated by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students and University Life will assess the application and provide or refuse authorization for the University Club. The Commission can make authorization conditional to modifications to the proposal if necessary. The Commission will reach a decision within 10 days and no appeal can be made. The Club officers will be notified of the decision via email.  

The University may withdraw its authorization for a Club at any time if the University’s regulations are not complied with, if rights are violated or if activities considered to be inappropriate take place.

For further information or any queries you may have, please contact the Campus Life Office.


Campus Life support for the Clubs

Once the Club has been approved and established, the Club officers may need help with:

  • Booking rooms or equipment such as tables for events.
  • Communicating activities: the creation of a logo, posters, etc.
    • The logo must be approved by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students, to ensure that the regulations concerning the University’s visual identity are complied with.
  • Publishing information on social networks, Campus Life blogs and the University website.
  • Obtaining recognition for participation in the Club: recognition on the Certificate of Competences, on the condition that the requirements laid down for this are met.

To plan an event on campus or ask for information, please contact the Campus Life Office.

Club Budget

The Clubs can apply for a budget or specific funds to meet the cost of particular activities, events or training related to the Club’s focus of interest. Any Club which is recognized by the University can make a budget request for the academic year. If the Club wishes to receive financial support, the Treasurer must send a Budget Request to the Campus Life Office. This request must describe the proposal including the reasons for which funds are being requested. The approval and quantity of the funds to be provided will depend on the relevant criteria: the number of Club members, the multicultural and inclusive nature of the activities, the number of students involved, the suitability of the project with regard to Campus Life objectives, and the real value of the event to the students. The University will communicate its decision by email to the Club Treasurer. With regard to the management of Club finances, the procedures established by the University for this purpose must be followed: presentation of a complete project, estimated budget, and activity and budget monitoring mechanisms, along with the regulations governing eligible expenses. Once the academic year has finished, the Treasurers of those clubs which have received funds from the University must present a financial report which records the management of the budget and the achievement of objectives.

Clubs may seek out sponsorship in order to obtain external funding.

The issue of the ability of students to obtain funding is an important one for most Clubs, as this increases the range of possible activities, making the Club more attractive to those thinking about joining. Clubs with a bigger budget have more to offer their members. Fund-raising can also create a positive dynamic among Club members, as they must work together to achieve an objective. The search for funding primarily consists of gaining sponsors from the local community and companies interested in associating themselves with university activities and the university community.

In order to search for possible sponsors in an appropriate manner, the Club officers must:

  • Create a sponsorship dossier which explains the Club’s activities and details the proposed forms of collaboration, clearly stating the terms of the relationship with regard to rights and responsibilities.  
  • Present the dossier to Campus Life, which will evaluate the proposal and provide or refuse authorization of the dossier, or request modification of the dossier’s content.  
  • Present a proposal for the search for sponsorship, detailing the companies or organizations which the Club wishes to sound out. The proposal must be approved before the proposed companies/organizations are contacted. No visits or contact must be made without the prior authorization of the University.
  • The sponsorship dossier and proposed sponsors must be approved by the Commission created for this purpose.
  • The University logo, Club logo or statements which may affect the University’s image must not be used under any circumstances without the above detailed prior authorization. Failure to comply with this condition may lead to the authorization of the Club being revoked.
  • Any fund-raising and subsequent management of these funds must be carried out in accordance with the law.  
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