The Valencian Community has been home to CEU for 50 years. It all began in 1972, when we brought together a small group of students in a spartan classroom in Valencia to help them prepare for the pre-university exams – education which was then known as COU. That is where our educational and social project began.

Almost 10,000 university students now study with CEU across the three provinces of the Valencian Community, and we have 1200 members of staff. We import talent from all over the world and we have strategic partners in practically every industry.

Thanks to you for making this possible. Here’s to the next 50 years.


Our journey

Five decades separate the time staff first walked through the doors at the then CEU San Pablo de Valencia from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University’s latest achievement of being awarded a Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (CeQuint).

It’s been an exciting journey, surpassing all our expectations. It’s a journey that has given us so many opportunities to build, grow, develop ...and celebrate!

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50 years of history in 5 key characteristics

This anniversary is far more than just an excuse for a celebration. It’s also the right time for us to reaffirm who we are and what we stand for. It’s about highlighting our past achievements and turning our focus on the goals we still have to reach.


We opened the first design school in Spain in 1987. We were the first to offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, in 1986. We achieved another first when we converted our Spanish Architecture programme into an English-only Architecture degree, and we’re in the lead again as we take the plunge into the metaverse.

Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best, but it does mean that’s what you are striving to be.

50 years of history in 5 key characteristics

We create SPACES

For learning, for friendship, for life. The spaces we have created enable our university community to live and learn, quite literally, and to build links with the communities around us.

Three campuses, two schools, a teaching and research farm, a dental clinic, a sports area, green spaces, and avantgarde architecture. But there’s so much more to come from us.

We create SPACES

We create STORIES

Every person who has formed part of the CEU community has a story to tell: success stories, stories about overcoming challenges, and stories about people we can all relate to, about Verónica, José, Ana María, Rafael – and the list goes on.

There are the people who were with us at the beginning, those who are giving their all at CEU today, and those who will take up the challenge with us in the future. All of them mean something to us here at CEU: they are part of the CEU family.

We believe in COMMITMENT

We believe in COMMITMENT

Helping other people is part of our nature and it is our vocation. Serving others and being there for them is a part of who we are: we want to put ourselves at the service of those in need and to be there for them.

We’ve shown this commitment time and time again. In 1997, in 2011 or in 2022: we always raise our voices in favour of peace, equality and social harmony.

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We move forward together with the rest of society, standing up for what we think is right, and striving to improve the common good. We are always there for those who need our help most, those who are suffering or those find themselves in the minority, and always drawing our inspiration from the values of Christian humanism. Our social commitment

Let’s create the FUTURE

Over the last 50 years, we’ve had the enormous privilege of educating 38,387 people, professionals, parents, administrators, executives and principled leaders. That is the true power of education: its ability to transform society. That was true half a century ago, and it’s still true now.

So, as we celebrate our anniversary, we can’t escape the thought: what will CEU be like in 2072?