official title Master Program in International Sports Law
duration / ECTS 9 months / 60 ECTS
places / campus 100 / Colomina Palace
Studies mode Partially Online
Academic director Efraim Barak
aimed at

Graduates in law. Applicants holding a degree and working in sport related sectors such as business, economic and sport management may be considered as candidates by the Academic Director of the program and may be admitted subject to an Online interview with the Academic Director


Iñaki Bilbao Estrada
Agnes Satorra

academic fee and finance

See also the tuition fees of this master's degree. The San Pablo CEU University Foundation is the educational institution that allocate more money in Spain for investment in scholarships and grants.

The Rex Sport - CEU UCH Online Master in International Sports Law provides a master’s-quality degree, designed to provide lawyers and other profesionals from all around the world, with the skills to develop a career in international sports law by practitioners in the field of international sports law, arbitrators from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), and leading figures from sporting organizations such as FIFA, UEFA, WADA, CAS and the IOC.

The online format of the program will enable the students to combine their studies with their other on-going employment anf other commitments.

The Master is taught entirely in English, as an online Porgram and there are three on campus sessions of three days each in Valencia dunring the year. The first on campus sessions will take place in mid-January 2018 and students from around the world will have the unique opportunity to meet and know some professors and the Academic Director.

Rex Sport members are proud of this collaboration with CEU-UC. Some of them will participate both by being the professor and mentoring the students during the course and the internships and are fully committed to this new and improved version of a master’s-quality Online Master in International Sports Law.

Upon completion of the program the students will have the opportunity to continue developing their careers as sports lawyers in law firms, some may become in-house lawyers for clubs, federations and other governing bodies as the ones mentioned above. Some are going to develop their career as Intermediaries or in the field of sports management and consultancy industry. There are a wide variety of possible jobs related to sports law and they are increasing every day.

As an example, many of the former students of the previous editions of masters organized in co-operation with our Association are now working in FIFA, UEFA, ECA, EPFL, MLS, or prestigious law firms and Clubs.

Academic Partner & Colaborator

  • REX Sport


General Introduction to Sports Law
EU Law – Basic principles and contact points with Sport Law, Sport and the EU, Free movement of Players, Sport and Competition Law in the EU, The European Sport Policy
Swiss Law - General Principles, Sport Organizations as Swiss associations, PILA, Swiss Federal Tribunal Jurisprudence (with special focus on decisions regarding sport arbitrations)
Internationalization of Sport
Jurisdiction & Conflict of Jurisdictions in Sports Disputes
CAS - History, Structure, CAS Code and the handling of Proceedings
CAS - Representing Lawyer's Perspective
Advocacy Skills in CAS proceedings
Sport Finance
Intellectual Property: Image and Broadcasting rights
WADA, and the Anti-Doping System, Objectives, Structure, Operation, the WADA Code, Doping Control & Results Management
WADA and the Anti-doping system from the Athlete’s perspective and Interests
FIFA, Structure, objectives & operation
FIFPRO, Structure and activities
FIFA, Disciplinary and Integrity
Structure and Functioning of UEFA and its relations with the EU
Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods in International Sport Disputes
U.S. Professional Sports Leagues
Employment/ Labor Law in the framework of Sport (Employers perspective and Employees perspective)
Sports Law in South & Latin America
Basketball: FIBA
Basketball: Euroleague
ECA: mission, structure and main activities
EPFL: mission, structure and main activities
Match Fixing
Structure of a transfer of a football player: Practical issues
Role, Structure and Functioning of the IOC
Disputes related to the Olympic Games-The CAS Ad Hoc Committees, structure and functioning
Special issues related to CAS Proceedings - CAS Jurisdiction, Standing to Appeal, Evidential matters & the Burden of proof - Rules, Practical Issues and Jurisprudence
Transfer of a football player: A practical training session, practicing negotiations and drafting of the relevant contracts


Subjects ects type sem
Introduction to Sports Law, EU Law, Swiss Law 1 OB 1st
Internationalization of sport, jurisdiction in sports disputes 3 OB 1st
CAS – CAS Code, CAS Proceedings, Advocacy Skills 3 OB 1st
Sport finance & Intellectual Property 3 OB 1st
FIFA, UEFA & FIFPRO, Mediation. WADA 4 OB 1st
U.S. Professional sport leagues & Sports Law in South America 3 OB 1st
FIBA, Euroleague, ECA & EPFL 2 OB 1st
Employment & Labour Law. Transfer of a Football Player. Practical Training Session 2 OB 1st
IOC, Olympic Games: CAS Ad Hoc Committee & Special Issues. Match Fixing. 3 OB 1st
Internship 30 PR 2nd
Master's Dissertation 6 TFM 2nd

Final Year Project

The TFM involves students completing their own original research projects that include and expand upon on topics studied on the course and require students to use the skills and abilities they have acquired throughout their degree. The aim of the dissertation is to teach students how to look for, structure, organise and evaluate relevant information in order to help them develop their own opinions, including how to approach topics with a social, scientific, technological or ethical nature, and how to develop their own thoughts, criticisms and logical and creative judgments.

  • Normativa general para trabajos fin de Grado (TFG) y trabajos fin de Máster (TFM).
  • cm core modules
  • ob obligatory
  • op optional
  • pr practical
  • fyp final year project


Professors Valencia

  • Efraim Barak Attoreny-at-Law, CAS Arbitrator y Founding Partner of EB SportLaw.
  • David Casserly Barrister, Bar of Ireland
    Barrister, Bar of England & Wales
    Attorney-at-law, New York.
  • Michele Colucci Ph.D, LL.M., D.E.S., member of the Bar in Italy, EU officer in Brussles. Founder and Honorary President of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association, Director of the Sports Law and Policy Centre (SLPC) and Scientific Director of the Programme in International Sports Law - SLPC (Ravello).
  • Ricardo de Buen Attorney-at-law,
    Founding partner of De Buen Rodríguez Abogados and Arbitrator at CAS.
  • Juan de Dios Crespo Attorney-at-law, founding partenet of Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Sports Lawyers.
  • Lucas Ferrer Attorney-at-law, partner at Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle.
  • Ulrich Haas Attorney-at-law,
    Professor of Civil Procedure and Swiss Private Law (Universiy of Zurich)
    Arbitrator (Sole, Chair, Wing) in over 250 cases (ICC, DIS, Swiss Rules, CAS, BAT, Ad hoc).
  • Mark Hovell Attorney-at-law,
    Partner at Mills & Reeve LLP and Arbitrator at CAS.
  • Dennis Koolaard Attorney-at-law for
    De Kempenaer Advocaten.
  • Paolo Lombardi Founding partner and managing Director at Lombardi Associates.
  • Ettore Mazzilli Attorney-at-law, Founding partner of Studio Legale Mazzilli.
  • Moti Mironi Attorney-at-law, Professor of Law at Haifa University.
  • Jeffrey Mishkin Attorney-at-law, Partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates.
  • Gianpaolo Monteneri Attorney-at-law, Founding partner of monteneri sports law.
  • Daniel Muñoz Attorney-at-law,
    Founding partner at Muñoz & Arias Sports Lawyers.
  • Manfred Nan Attorney-at-law and partner at De Kempenaer Advocaten.
  • Ariel Reck Attorney-at-law, Founding partner at Reck Sports Law.
  • Howard Stupp Attorney-at-law,
    Special Legal Advisor of the IOC (former IOC Director of Legal Affairs)
  • Konstantinos Zemberis Attorney-at-law, Founding Partner of Zemberis, Markezinis, Lambrow & Associates.
  • Desirée Ornella Bellia Head of Legal of European Leagues & Judge of the FIFA Players' Status Sub-Committee
  • Francisco Larios Attorney-at-law at Coccia, De Angelis Veccio Studio Legale e Triibutario.
  • Paul Greene Attorney-at-law, Founding Partner of Global Sports Advocates, LLC.
  • Jan Kleiner Attorney-at-law,
    Founding partner at Kleiner & Cavaliero Attorneys-at-law
  • Mario Vigna Attorney-at-law,
    Senior associate at Coccia de Angelis Vecchio & Associati.
  • Marc Cavaliero Attorney-at-law, Founding Partner at Kleiner & Cavaliero Attorneys-at-law, former head of disciplinary and governance at FIFA
  • Dirk Reiner Martens Attorney-at-law, Founding Partner of Martens Rechtsanwälte
  • Wouter Lambrecht Attorney-at-law, former head of Legal at the European League Association
  • Massimo Coccia Attorney-at-Law, Founding PArtner of COCCIA DE ANGELIS VECCHIO & ASSOCIATI and Professor of International Sports Law at the Tucsia University of Viterbo.



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Calendar and timetable

First and opening on campus sessions: January 31st and February 1st and 2nd 2019

Second on campus sessions: May 24th, 25th and 26th 2019.

Third and closing on campus sessions: October 3rd, 4th and 5th 2019.

Please note that between the opening and the closing on campus sessions, the tuition will be online.