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When we hear the word “international”, normally the first thing that comes to mind is the United Nations. We watch it on television, we read about it in the newspapers, some students have even studied this organization in their degrees and others are simply avid followers. However, we see it as something distant and far away. This Model United Nations Club will change this way of thinking. We are not only going to bring the students closer to this international organization, but we're also going to encourage them to take part and to experience the United Nations through the Model United Nations Club (MUN).

The MUN is a simulation in which the participants take on the role of a State within a specific committee of the United Nations where discussion and negotiations on international issues will take place. Topics can be, for instance: international security, environment, education, health, and economy, among others. The participant will discuss and negotiate with their peers in accordance with the foreign policy of the State represented. As well as this, interactions can be either in English or in Spanish, depending on the committee.

The Model United Nations Club (MUN) has two main objectives for this academic year. Firstly, we wish to provide a platform for the club to encourage its members to participate in the MUNs organized by other universities. Participation includes both, national and international UCH CEU students, since it is possible to participate in either English or in Spanish. Secondly, we will organize an internal Model United Nations in our own University in the second semester.

Model United Nations Club

f you want to improve your public speaking, your negotiation and persuasion skills, while also enhancing your languages skills, come and join this Club. You will experience how the United Nations works from the inside, and you will meet people with the same international interest as you.

This is the club for you, the Model United Nations Club: Welcome!

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