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Falla Na Jordana

Have you ever heard about "las Fallas", the main festival in Valencia? The Fallas is in the process of becoming part of the Universal Heritage of Humanity because of its interdisciplinary nature. In fact, many disciplines converge on it: the art of the monuments, the clothing riches, the gunpowder, the music of the band and many other activities organized by the commissions. And Na Jordana is one of the most important and traditional commission in Valencia. We are offering you the opportunity to join us thanks to our activity program called "On Fire", which is part of your University Campus Life. As the "falleros" and "falleras" of Na Jordana, we would like to invite you to experience this festival intensely.

The program offers the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of getting to know the Valencian traditions from inside. Besides, you will have the chance to share some leisure time with our "falleros" and "falleras". This is because Fallas implies fun and party too ("paellas" or other typical food tasting, dancing, disco, Café theatre, etc.)

Would you join us? We are waiting for you!


Coordinación con Falla Na Jordana

Nuria del Río Blay
Tel. 96 136 90 00 Ext. 62119

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