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CEU Theatre is made up of a group of theatre enthusiasts. We have a passion for theatrical representations and performances and we work in all dimensions: we write, produce and direct plays. We are actors, composers, and technicians. We prepare all the sets and we always share any profits from our performances with charitable organizations.

You can participate in our educational workshops in theatrical specialties such as acting, dramaturgy or directing and you will have the opportunity to perform a play before a live audience. You will learn communication resources that you may find useful for your professional future. You can also develop audiovisual production, set design and the production of plays.

CEU Theatre is more than a workshop, more than a play, more than a fun group, we are the ideal place for you to awaken your talent and participate in Campus Life.

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Kety Betés
Tel. 96 136 90 00 Ext. 62320
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