In the framework of our strategic development actions, we are currently working to strengthen the internationalization of our institution. The solidity of this progress is only possible through the participation of our university's community.

Students, professors and administrative staff are called to participate and lead new projects and initiatives.

Awards and grants for internationalization projects

Objectives of the projects

  • To improve intercultural understanding
  • To facilitate the integration between Spanish and international students
  • To move closer to a truly international campus

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate and postgraduate students from any study program at the three CEU Cardenal Herrera campuses can present, individually or as a group, a project to the Grant Board. Applicants must be registered as full-time students.
Membership of the WASB (World Ambassadors Students Board) and participation in the Global Citizen program will be an advantage.


Project applications must be written in Spanish, English or French.
Each application must include the following documentation:

  • Project title
  • Project objectives
  • Project/activity description
  • Activity format and timetable (date, time, duration and location, etc.)
  • Expected number of Spanish and international student participants
  • Expected results, achievements, impact and contributions of the project
  • Budget
  • The number of administrative (PAS), teaching and research staff (PDI) participants.
  • Justification of the ability to carry out the project

The projects must be carried out during this academic year, up to August 2017, and in accordance with the operational regulations of the Student Project Desk.

Send all the required documentation by email to before 24th October.


Two grants of a maximum of €1500 will be awarded, in accordance with the needs of the project. The Grant Board reserves the right, at its discretion, to make additional recommendations with regard to the quantity of the Grant if an application for an exceptional project is made.

Responsibilities of those awarded a Grant

Those awarded a Grant will be asked to prepare a statement containing:

  • A report on the activities undertaken
  • Result(s) of the project
  • The number of student participants, the PAS and PDI participants and the number of students which the project aims to reach out to;
  • The difficulties found and areas for improvement;
  • Financial justification including the original receipts;

Those receiving a Grant may also be asked to participate in events or conferences concerning best practices and provide a testimonial promoting their projects.

Notification of the award of a Grant

Successful applicants will be notified of their award of a Grant on 15th November 2016.
The projects submitted will be exhibited at the International Boot Camp to be held on 15th November and related workshops or competitions may be held at this event.

International Visiting Scholar Program


The aim of the international program for visiting scholars is to increase contact between our university community and professionals, lecturers and researchers of high standing who normally work abroad. The program seeks to stimulate the process of internationalization at the CEU-UCH and to encourage the incorporation of teaching and research staff into our campuses. To this end, there are different modes of participation in the program, which will depend on the duration of the candidate’s stay here, his or her profile and the reciprocity of the arrangement.

Candidate categories

  • Lecturer, researcher or professional of high standing (10 years of experience).
  • Emeritus professor.
  • Early career lecturer or researcher. (Less than five years as a post-doc and below 35 years of age).

Modes of participation in the program

  • Guest scholar. Short period (From two weeks to five months)
  • 2.2. Visiting scholar. Prolonged period (At least five months)

Reciprocal exchange arrangements with other universities

The guest scholars can undertake exchanges with the CEU-UCH academic staff for the teaching of lectures. A prior agreement must be put in place for this exchange and this must be recorded in the POD (the Teaching Organization Plan). The exchange must be as balanced as possible with regard to time requirements and the demands placed on the two lecturers.

These reciprocal exchanges can only take place if the Faculty or Institute to which the CEU-UCH candidate belongs makes a prior, and successful, application to this effect to the Assessment Board (Comisión de Evaluación).

Application procedure mode

A). Presentation of the candidate and/or post by the Faculty or School.
B). Application by the candidate to an open application process or for a predefined post.

Candidate requirements

General requirements

  • To be of foreign nationality or a Spanish national resident abroad, ordinarily undertaking his or her profession outside of Spain.
  • To collaborate with one or more full-time doctorate-holding lecturers/researchers at the University, who also accept responsibility for the teaching or research project to be undertaken.

Requirements specific to each profile or mode

  • The lecturers of high standing must duly detail and accredit the prestige they have acquired in their career, and it is desirable for them to have held their doctorate for more than seven years, with at least ten years of teaching experience. For those cases in which the candidate will only undertake research, then he or she must detail the prestige acquired as a researcher, with particular emphasis being placed on the number and quality of publications in the first quartile of his or her field and his or her participation in these publications as the lead researcher.
  • The professionals of high standing must detail and accredit the prestige they have acquired in terms of the roles they have fulfilled, publications made, and any prizes or awards they have received for their work.  They must have more than fifteen years of experience in the field for which they are to be invited. Preference will be given to those who hold a PhD or alternatively to those who have undertaken research or outreach work.
  • The emeritus professors must be between 60 and 70 years of age for the modes of visiting and guest scholars. The upper limit may be extended to 75 or beyond, at the discretion of the Assessment Board.
  • The candidates for the early career lecturer/researcher mode must not be more than 35 years old, and they must either be in the process of writing a doctoral thesis or they must have attained their PhD within the five years prior to their application.  
  • The above requirements must be met at the time of the application being made.

Characteristics and applicable conditions

  • Guest scholars may only remain so during a maximum of three consecutive academic years, and being a guest lecturer is incompatible with simultaneously being a visiting lecturer. The Assessment Board, may, exceptionally, extend this maximum period.  
  • The duration of the scholars’ stay will be determined by the mode involved, and the start and end dates will have been established beforehand, except in the case of guest scholars whose presence on campus is not continuous. In this latter case, only the number of hours/activities required will be established.  
  • The scholar’s stay at the University will always take place during the course of the academic year corresponding to the application. Only in exceptional circumstances and for clearly justified reasons may an approved stay be postponed until the following academic year, and this postponement must also be approved by the relevant Faculty, School or Institute and the Assessment Board, which must verify that provision can be made in the budget for this purpose.
  • The success of an application will not establish a contractual or employment relationship between the candidate and the CEU-UCH University, nor does the University thereby take on any commitment to establish such a relationship in the future.  
  • Visiting scholars may not combine this position with another similar position at the same time, except in the case of honorary international schaolars who may also be eligible for awards of this type.   
  • Visiting scholars must not have any financial or time-related constraints which are incompatible with undertaking their duties.  

Financial award

An award of up to €15,000, in accordance with the level of contribution to teaching, institutional and research internationalization strategy.

Documentation and application process

The candidate’s application must contain the following:

  • A duly completed application form. Annex I.
  • Photocopy of the candidate’s passport or national ID card.
  • The candidate’s CV.
  • Certificate from the candidate’s institution of origin which details his or her pay grade and the position they hold.
  • Authorization by the university/company of origin for the candidate to undertake the stay as visiting scholar at the CEU-UCH.
  • If there is a reciprocal exchange involved, then Annex III must be completed, along with the standard UCH CV and a letter of acceptance from the university of destination, and, where appropriate, the document detailing the corresponding agreement.
  • Work plan.

Submission of the applications

Applications must be sent to the Vice-Rectorate of International Relations (
Applications which do not fulfil the above requirements will be automatically excluded from the assessment process.

Application assessment criteria and process:

The evaluation criteria will take the following elements into account:

  • The candidate’s CV and his or her teaching, scientific and professional achievements.
  • The impact that the candidate’s stay will make on the University’s internationalization strategy and, especially, on the initiative to establish strategic international alliances.
  • The objective and interest of the candidate’s stay and its impact on the Faculty, School or Institute and the University, along with its degree of suitability with regard to the conditions of this call for applications.  
  • The impact of the stay on teaching: the number of students who will benefit, the subjects involved, the degree programs affected, the international character of these degree programs, and the language in which the subjects involved are taught (bilingual degree programs).
  • The research plan in the case of visiting or guest scholars whose stay will be continuous.  
  • The CVs of the group in which the visiting scholar will participate and the work plan to be undertaken. The clarity of the objectives and appropriate planning with regard to time for the undertaking of the activities will be taken into account.  
  • In the case of a reciprocal exchange, the CV of the CEU-UCH candidate will also be taken into account, along with the possible training activities and the work plan at the university of destination.  

The concealment of certain details, or the alteration, manipulation, vagueness or lack of rigour of the information provided may cause the application to be rejected.

Obligations of successful candidates

  • To comply with the established work plan for their stay, in accordance with the regulations in place at the corresponding Centre or Faculty, and to observe the working hours and/or exclusivity established for the stay.
  • For continuous stays, to attend the corresponding teaching centre; for any change to the work program, hiatuses or temporary absences, the prior authorization of the Vice-Rectorate of International Relations will be required.
  • For discontinuous stays, the teaching hours and the scheduled time on campus previously agreed to must be complied with. Any alterations and modifications must be discussed and agreed to by the relevant department or centre.
  • In the last month of their stay, the visiting scholars must submit a report summarising the work they have undertaken, which must be approved by the lecturer responsible and the corresponding Head of Department.
  • Acceptance by the successful candidate of a stay at the University includes the acceptance of the regulations governing the application. Non-compliance will cause this offer to be revoked and will require all monies awarded to be returned in full.  

Welcome Program

Visiting scholars will benefit from the University’s welcome program (help with searching for accommodation, obtaining administrative documents, setting up a bank account, obtaining medical insurance, etc.) in order to facilitate their stay at the CEU-UCH and their swift incorporation into the University community.