Our Mission

We are a Catholic University and Pioneering Institute in development of innovative educational projects. Our aim is to help people who study with us, to understand their chosen discipline and to carry out their professional activities in a thorough and responsible way. We follow the values of Christianity that constitute our frame of reference for thoughts and actions that improve our society.

We are committed to a global society to which we would like to contribute:

  • Fully educated people prepared for life and for contributing to the improvement of their environment.
  • Relevant research and transfer of knowledge and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial initiative applied to business and social projects.


We are aspiring to grow as a global University of innovative spirit and entrepreneurial actions; a University that spreads these attitudes among the university community so that they can be spread within our society. A University devoted to educating people who are courageous in all domains - intellectual, professional and human - and to do it better every time. A Universitydevoted to producing graduates that respectively contribute to the improvement of society and to becoming an international model in the area of higher education.

Numbers: How important are they?